To all the women... Will I be comfy in Keds??


Earning My Ears
Jan 24, 2001
I am leaving in 7 days and I want to go out this weekend and get a pair of sneakers. I don't really want to bring my Nike's because I think they will be too heavy on my feet. I was thinking about buying a pair of the new stretch keds. I heard that they are comfy but I am not sure about it with all that walking.

What do you guys wear? :D

I don't think Keds have enough support to walk all day in them (at least for me). I'm taking my comfy New Balance, and if I get a fashion citation, so be it!

I have the stretch Keds, and although they are comfy, I think that your Nikes will be more so. I brought my Keds when we went, but found my Reeboks much more comfy! By the way, I can tell you that when we went in Jan., about 90% of the women had on some sort of cross trainer, etc., not cute little sneaks!! So, you'll definitely be in style with your Nikes!



I would wear shoes that give you the best support and that are well worn in. Your Nikes might be the best way to go. They may seem heavy but after days of walking for hours on hot concrete your Keds might feel way to lite! Nothing worse than "barking dogs" ;) when you have lots of walking left to do.

Have a wonderful trip! :)

I try to bring a few pair of comfy shoes (ex. sandals, flats) and 2 pair of sneakers. All should not be new, New Balance are great. Try to switch them off if you can.
The keds are great fashion but not much on comfort! The cross trainers aren't as heavy as you think when measured against comfort. I wore Keds once and my feet felt bruised on the bottoms!

Hope you have a great trip!!

I love keds stretch but...last year they wore a blister on my heel... :eek: ouch.
but they were very comfy...for anyone else outthere..the keds stretch have a padded sole and are good for anyone with a high arch...

I wore my Liz Claiborne sneakers and they were the best.
I have worn nikes before but my feet just get too hot.. :eek:
remember to change your socks...its magic :cool:

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I personally would skip the keds....I wore them a few years in Disney and then I was introduced to real sneakers!!!! I wore New Balance last year and what a difference on my feet. I'd never wear Keds again. If you want to take them with you though for those times you aren't going to be on your feet for very long. I think that would work out okay.


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Personally, I always wear keds and I have never had a problem. I wear them without socks too. I know that it doesn't work for everyone, but it works for me.

OOOH Keds!!! Not enough support, they make your feet sweat too much, which in turn causes blisters---OWW!!! I would definitely take a good supportive pair of leather walkers. Nike, Rockport(which is what I have--and they aren't clunky looking either),New Balance and Reebocks are the best. I've had a pair of the Stretch Keds, and after wearing them they "stretched" right out of shape--the uppers also started separating from the soles. As for sandels--I've tried them and couldn't wait to get back to the hotel to change out of them--achy feet, back and legs!!! I've heard favorable reports on the Birkenstocks and Teva, though.
It's a lot of walking so take care of your footsies so you can enjoy the parks :D

Have a Wonderful day, Eeyore :eek:

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Now I know why you call yourself SUPERMOM!!!! LOL

I tried keds without socks one time and I got huge blisters. I had to stop at the nurses station and then go buy socks for the whole trip. It was pretty lame on my part.


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...of that walking on asphalt. Break down and bring your Nikes.

Actually, you should plan to bring at least two different pairs of comfortable shoes (neither of them "new"), so you can switch off every other day. It's also nice to have a second pair that you can switch into if you go back to the room for a mid-day break. That way you can put on fresh socks and fresh shoes and be ready to go til you drop! ;)

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I'd have to agree that the Keds wouldn't have enough support in them. I have found that the EasySpirit brand has tennis shoes that are the most comfortable that I've ever worn. (But, they're not cheap.) I put those Dr. Scholl's pads in the bottom of them for extra comfort because my heels usually begin bothering me when I walk a lot, no matter what shoes I wear.

JMHO, but I don't think I'll ever buy another brand of tennis shoes again.

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I have always worn keds (actually not official keds) my feet get tired, but I take foot spray and when we sit to rest, I spray my feet- wiggle my toes- and I am ready to go. Is there a web address for New Balance so I can see them?

I think Keds are great shoes. I always wear an anklet sock with them and have never gotten a blister yet. I would make sure I got them plenty broke in before I planned on wearing them all day though. I've not found a pair of shoes/sneakers/sandals yet that have not caused blisters if worn brand new all day long. Take your Nike's along and once back at your resort switch your shoes. I find that alone does wonders.
They would be a shoe you would get plenty of use out of other than at WDW too.
I think I will buy a pair of Keds and bring both pairs with me just in case. I guess I can change into the Keds at night after a break at the hotel on our way out to dinner. That way there won't be that much walking in them.

Thanks again :)
Here's what I find works best for me! and that is alternating your sneakers! I bring my New Balance running sneakers, and my Mickey Tennis shoes (which are like keds) I pretty much alternate every day or two, always wear little anklet socks!!! the stretch keds are very comfy, try to get the ones w/the thicker sole definately, (I had them one year), but I would not rely on them for the whole trip! (unless you're only going for a weekend) belive me! a voice of experience, bring both sneakers! you'll thank me!!! (and plenty of socks too!!!) :)

Laura :)
only 7 days til WDW!!! yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

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I just got back from 7 days in WDW and I have to say my Birkenstocks did great. I even found that there was a Birkenstock store in Winter Park which was just about a 30 minute drive, so I went and got me two new pair. I wore both pairs at the parks during my trip and never had a moments problem. Last summer I did a complete tear of my deltoid ligament in my left ankle. I was moaning to the doctor that I would never be able to wear sandles again and he said for me to give the Birkenstocks a try. Needless to say he has received nothing but praise from me. We leave to go back to WDW in 26 days and I know what shoes I am packing
I never wear running shoes at home for everyday use, but at Disneyworld, it's a different story. In fact, one night, just to look a little more stylish, I wore my Keds with capri pants, thinking that the running shoes would look too clunky. After an hour, I wished I had my running shoes back. There's just not enough support with Keds, and my running shoes also prevent me from getting blisters.
I am moving this over to the Budget Board, where many people have threads and posts on footwear questions. Please check that board for further replies. :)

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