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Earning My Ears
Dec 31, 2000
We are a simple, basic, on a budget family. The last vacation we had-- we stayed at Super 8. Staying at a resort will be new for us. I am learning so much on this wonderful board; but I haven't seen this question yet. Do you tip Disney transportation? Also want to make sure I budget enough for everyone else. Here is what I have planned so far:
Housekeeping (5 in family) $5 per day.
Bellhop--$10 at checkin or $15 first day- if we need them to store our bags a few hours before checkin.

Bellhop--$10 at checkout or $15 last day-- if we need our bags stored after checkout. Or would our bags be safe locked in our van in the PO-Riverside lot.

Have I forgotten anyone??
...except for valet parking, if you use it. Have a great time!!! Also, I would NOT leave the bags in the vehicle in the parking lot. We had ours broken into on our last day, and had $700 in traveler's checks left. Luckily, it was traveler's checks, so we went to the American Express office at the entrance to EPCOT, and had our money back in no time.
Thanks for the information. We are going mid-November. With our budget this may be the only time we get this chance. So I am doing everything I can to make it a memory of a lifetime.
I also appreciate your well wishes- with all of the help I find on this board- I just know our trip will be great!
PS--Just added Travelers Checks not cash to my list of things needed.
I only tip the bellman according to how many bags we have. $1 per bag arrival or departure.

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