Tiffany vs. Mears


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Mar 23, 2000
I apologize if this question has been asked recently (I really miss the "Search" function!), but here goes --
My husband and I are going for a short trip of 4 days. We have always driven in the past but are flying for this trip. With my reservation form from Disney I received a coupon from Mears which would bring their price for 2 adults round trip to $50. I think Tiffany is about $80 round trip, so is it worth the extra $30 to use Tiffany? My only hesitation to using Mears is I am afraid of getting stuck in van packed with people and stopping at a million hotels before getting to ours. I read one post where the Mears desk said they leave every 20 minutes, full van or not, but is this the norm? What has been your experience with Mears and Tiffany?
On our first couple of visits to WDW we rode Mears. Then I found this board. Thank goodness! The Mears Shuttle was honestly the worst part of our trip. It is cheaper to take Mears for two people but the money is well worth it to take a town car. We once waited two hours to even get on a bus and another two hours until we got to our hotel. With a town car you are taken directly to your hotel and you are ready to start your day relaxed and ready.
I personally think Tiffany is worth the extra money. It took my brother-in-law two hours to get to our resort in December. Apparently Mears had a bunch of stops and his was the very last one.

Meanwhile, with Tiffany, Fabio met us at the baggage claim, took our bags to the front and picked us up at the curb, took us right to the resort. You can also have a grocery stop.

But, with Tiffany, you should also figure in a tip for the driver.

I was going to post the same question! We did use Tiffany last time, and they were wonderful, but I am definitely going to try Yourride to support the sponsor of this site.

Although we will have a rental car, we will need transportation to get college son to/from the hotel due to scheduling airline conflicts. I thought about Mears (for about one second), and the last thing I want him to be doing that late at night when he arrives is sit through that many stops.

It is most certainly worth the piece and mind and extra money (probably the price of two Mickey bars) to be the only ones in your towncar/van to get to your resort. The last thing you want to do is stop at every single Disney resort (and you KNOW somehow your resort is always the last one, LOL).
for your responses. My gut feeling was to stay away from Mears for exactly the reasons mentioned above. I think I will try Yourride this trip! Can't wait!:bounce:
We are taking town car service this time because we found Mears too nerve wracking last trip.

You get what you pay for and you are paying to be on a bus with an unknown number of stops and no schedule for delivering you to your destination.

On our trip back to the airport, we left with lots of time but at each resort, people would not be ready to go... at one a guy got on the bus then asked to go back inside, then we saw him sprinting into a parking lot and disappearing, 15 minutes later he came back with the palm pilot he had left somewhere in a car .... I was a nervous wreck about making my plane at that point.

I am paying for peace of mind this time.

I am a definite shuttle-to-towncar convert!!!
For our first trips, we used Mears or Transtar because we didn't know any better. We thought that being crammed in line sardines and stopping at multiple hotels was the norm. Now we use Happy Limo, and I am thoroughly spoiled...I wouldn't do it any other way. We take a town car to WDW and also to Port Canaveral for our Disney cruises. It is the only way to go. Why be treated like cattle when you can have your own private car and personal service?
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Most definately Tiffany over Mears!! Our very first trip to WDW the Mears shuttle leaving MCO was hot, full, and it took for ever to get to CR, naturally the last stop, 1 1/2 hrs later. Mears then forgot us on our return trip to MCO from the resort even with me calling the night before confirming our pickup. Our next trip we took Tiffany and the world of difference was so much, that TTC is now the transportation choice of our entire family every time.


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