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Jan 8, 2001
I need some help on which tickets to buy:

We will be going in February with 5 yr old twins and will not need anything for the waterparks. We will need a pass for 6 days.

1. Do all AAA's only sell 4 day hopper passes?

2. Does anyone sell 6 day passes w/o the "Plus" options (for us this is really a waste of money).

Or is my best choice just to buy a five day hopper pass and buy a one day ticket when we arrive at Disney (I assume Animal Kingdom is the cheapest?)

Any advice would be appreciated. Have a wonderful weekend.
Just remember the one day pass will only be good for one park. No park hopping on that day. Also, all the parks charge the same admission price. Animal Kingdom is no cheaper than the 3 other parks.



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