Three Adults in a Room?


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Dec 3, 2004
I took my son and GD to WDW in January and did a split stay at WL and AKL. I just got back May 22nd from a solo trip and stayed at POP for two nights, then rented points at BWV for five nights, then back to POP for two more nights. Now I'm planning a trip with my other son and D-I-L for Sept 17th-24th. Originally I had thought I would rent DVC points again (for OKW), but since we'll be going in the middle of hurricane season, am now concerned about having to cancel. (Disney of course, is able to have a cancellation policy whereas if I rented points and had to cancel I would just lose my money.) I'll aso be making another trip in mid Dec (either with my mother if she can make her mind up or else solo again). I will probably rent DVC points again for that trip so with four trips this year, finances are a concern.

Originally, I was going to book two value rooms, so we all could have some privacy, but my D-I-L (knowing that my other son and I shared a room in January), says she has no problem with us sharing a room and wants that arrangement. As much as I love my D-I-L (have never had a cross word with her), I don't know if I want to spend a week with her 24/7. She's extremely talkative and can be a little irritating. Also we are both very opinionated. My son on the other hand is very easy going and couldn't care less where we stay. Anyway which way would you go: Deluxe and share a room or Value and get two rooms. Also, I can't seem to get through to her that two rooms might be better for our relationship. For some reason she really wants us in the same room (for some 'quality bonding' time as she puts it) no matter where we stay. Can three adults share a room and not kill each other? and if so which resorts would you guys recommend? I'll be paying for the trip entirely, so again finances are a factor. But I do want them to have a great trip. By the way I have an AP, so hopefully will be able to get a code.

This should be interesting as my son loves thrill rides (my D-I-L and I both hate them), I love the shows (my son and D-I-L both have said they're not interested in them), and my D-I-L loves shopping (my son and I both hate to shop).


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May 16, 2000
I have done it, but we all take plenty of private time.I have stayed 3 women to a room a couple times for gals trips. Actually, I think that's the Key to vacationing with anyone, take time to do things on your own.

Now that DS is 16 yo, all our family trips to the World are 3 adults to a room, really. Even on family trips, we apply that Private Time Key.

I would say, if you are going to spend all your touring time (waking time) with son & DIL, stay in seperate rooms for some private time. If you all are able to agree to private time during the days, then staying in one room can work.


Dec 29, 2002
I'll give you one.

Book the 2 rooms. Don't even think about it. Book 2 values if finances are an issue.

1 room , no matter how nice , is not big enough for a grown man, his wife and his mother for a week.

Being the mother of 3 grown sons, I can't imagine going on vacation with them and their wives, and not having my own alone time, or them not having their own alone time.

How nice of you to pay for the whole what You want since you are paying, not much bad could happen if you had separate rooms, alot of tension can happen by sharing a room.

Again, just my humble opinion.
I think I'd take one of the all stars over POP

Good Luck!


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Dec 5, 2000
You are with people constantly at WDW,the resort room is a retreat from the madness :) Get the two rooms and if your DDIL needs to bond with you, she can come visit in your room :earsboy:


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Jan 28, 2005
If you are concerned about getting on each other's nerves then I would say two rooms but otherwise sharing really isn't that mom often vacations with us and we do three adults and our 2 kids (4 & 2) in a shared room & it always works out great...

If she seems reluctant just say that there will be more time to shop if you have two bathrooms & can get ready quicker... Good luck!


Aug 7, 2000
We have done it with myself, DH, my mother and our 2 kids. We had no problem but my mother is really easy going and we get along with her great.
If it had been my MIL, I would have opted for the 2 different different states. ;)
Seriously, if you 2 can get along then go for it, if you would prefer your privacy, just tell them that and get 2 rooms. You can always use the excuse you think 2 bathrooms would be better for the 3 of you. :goodvibes


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Apr 25, 2005
Three adults who get along well can easily share a room. But, since you really want two rooms, I'd get two connecting rooms. Tell her that while you *love* the idea of bonding, :rolleyes: you're afraid three adults will need more than one bathroom in order to get to the parks on time. And tell her you snore, or you can't fall asleep without a television on, or something.


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Nov 21, 2003
It's definately possible, but sounds like you'd be uncomfortable. Two years ago My mom, dad, sister and I (my sister and I were both over 21) shared a room at the all star movies, we were just fine but are very close (my sister and I had been roommates after moving out of my parents house..). This year I'm staying with my mother and father, my sister is getting a separate room because her boyfriend is also coming. I'm not concerned at all about staying with my parents (aside from my mothers snoring! :rotfl2: ). I've also stayed in a hotel room (though not disney, but similar to any other hotel room) with my boyfriend and his mother, and we were all quite comfortable as well.

though you do seem already uncomfortable. Why don't you tell her, like someone else suggested, that getting ready in the morning would be a hassle with 3 adults and 1 bathroom, or that you're a very light sleeper and would prefer your own room, to make sure you get some rest. Or you could tell her you're afraid all your luggage and 3 people wouldn't fit in one room. There's pleanty of excuses to use if you really want, and if you're paying I don't really see anyone getting mad about you getting 2 rooms!



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