THOMSON SPECIAL OFFER! Is it worth Upgrading to 1st class for this much?

Discussion in 'UK Trip Planning Forum' started by sara969, Sep 5, 2009.

  1. sara969

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    Jan 28, 2008
    Hi everyone,

    Thomson phoned us today and said they have a special offer this month.
    We can upgrade to 1st class for £170 per person! But for our family which will be Me, my hubby and my daughter that will cost us a extra £510
    I think this is alot and personally would prefer to spend the £510 as spending money in Florida and WDW !!
    But i just wanted to check to see if anyone does think it is worth upgrading??

    Apparently upgrade includes:

    *Comfy leather Seats, Pillows and More leg room
    *Better meals served, unlimited drinks, champane
    *Free snacks such as sandwiches
    *Kids Disney pack and meal
    *Bigger screen TV's and more selection of films
    *3 kilos extra in weight per person
    *Check in time only 90mins before flight instead of 3hrs before
    *Wait in VIP lounge (im sure she said that, not sure)

    Do you think this is worth it? For £170 per person which will be total of £510 !! Or do you think it is better to save this money as it will be better spent as spending money on our holiday!
    (Im thinking how much clothes i could buy with £510!!! :rotfl:)

    Please help,

    Any advice and opinions is appreciated,
    Many thanks :thumbsup2
  2. gemmybear83

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    Dec 13, 2007
    I wouldnt - I flew to Puerta Vallarta in Mexico last year with Thomson/First Choice (they are now the same company), and we had a great flight in the economy section. You get setback tv in economy (and can upgrade to first class - with more films, on demand, games etc) for £5 per person. You get more leg room in economy than Virgin/BA and all the cabins were refurbished a couple of years ago.

    This was a 10.5 hours flight and I thought it would be awful but I found economy seating on our flight waaaaay better than Virgin or BA :thumbsup2

    I would save your money for Orlando :goodvibes

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