The Tomorrowland French fries may be going!


Feb 17, 2019
Interesting. I wonder if this is the continuation of the hub curb lowering for Project Stardust. My recollection is that they said it would be moved to the 2020 winter projects since it didn't get done in time for the opening of SW:GE. Would be great if they are doing what you suspect!


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Nov 22, 2014
I didn't dislike them as much as some seem too, but I don't have any strong connection to them either. It always did seem a bit out of place, like rockwork you would expect to see in Frontierland or Critter Country instead.
  • Twinkletoesjohnson

    Jun 12, 2006
    I’m at Disneyland now (for my birthday ;-)) and there are walls around the curb — and the TL French fries! Someone I know who’s well placed here said that there’s a better than fair chance that they’re (finally) going!

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    I thought I knew all the DL jargon but Tomorrowland French fries is one I haven’t heard before 😂. Can you describe please?
  • pharmama

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    May 6, 2012
    I've never heard them called that before but at the entrance to Tomorrowland from the hub there are "rock" piles on either side (as well as a small one in the middle) that are long rectangular shapes stacked on top of each other. I can see how they could be called french fries.

    I had also heard that what was happening was the curb "flattening" that happened on the other side of the hub.

    :bday: @WonkaKid


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    Sep 22, 2014
    Happy Birthday!! Removal of the french fry rocks would be a wonderful birthday present, wouldn't it?

    I'd LOVE to see them gone. I'd have my ear to the wall listening for the lovely sound of a jack hammer.


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    Jul 24, 2013
    This is great news! I've always thought that those stupid things look like they're a flashback from the original Star Trek.
    I can see that...which makes me like them more! I don't really see what's so bad about them. I like the paint they did on the rocks at MK's Tomorrowland - they're all blueish-purple and shiny. The rocks of the future! :teeth:


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