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Mama to a Princess - But I'm A Scrap Princess!
Sep 26, 2004
Good morning!

no appt yet. Was given wrong numbers. So megan trying one I found today. Fingers crossed this will work. She is feeling a bit less stressed about it. Had gone to school clinic to get TB testing started for hospital clinical clearance and was talking to the nurse who gave her some info and made her feel better that they would be there to help if needed.

hope everyone is doing well. Have a big rain storm coming in. Feel sorry for trick or treaters tomorrow night.

morning shift
Post office to mail card order
Bank to get small bills for craft sale on saturday
Run/empty dishwasher
Load of towels
Pay couple bills
Balance checkbook
Afternoon shift

have a wonderful day!


DIS Veteran
Mar 17, 2014

m2mrb - glad DD is feeling better! Continued prayers -
Hi P2000 & PN96!

Allison all day
She and I are going to breakfast with friend
Bake Halloween cookies (didn’t bake the other day)
Supper - ?

Have a great day!


Scrapbook Mom
Dec 28, 2005
Good morning!

I'm so sorry they gave Megan wrong numbers.. that is so frustrating and irritating! I'm glad the nurse at the clinic was able to calm her fears even for just a little bit.


once over house
cut dalmatian spots for PJ's costume tomorrow
finish up letter to mail tonight
sign and write note in birthday card
birthday dinner out tonight
update scrapbook challenge

Have a wonderful day!


Life is out there waiting so go and get it!
Nov 26, 2006
Morning Ladies!

I'll be so glad when we change the clocks on Sunday - I'm sleeping later and later with the change in sunrise time!

Continued prayers for Megan
Enjoy your breakfast out will Allison Chae!
Hi Nan :)

Morning chores
Wash sliders downstairs
Sweep pantry floor
Sweep dead leaves that have blown into the garage
Put together grocery list on my desk
Go thru mail stack and such on my desk (didn't do yesterday)
Maybe scrap
Chicken and salad for dinner

Enjoy your day!


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