The ALL NEW Disney's Contemporary Resort & Bay Lake Tower FAQ with PICs! (July 2011)

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    Welcome to Disney's Contemporary Resort Information Thread! It is your one stop for information on Disney's Contemporary Resort! Click here for lots of CR pictures courtesy of Dreams Unlimited the DIS.


    More Contemporary photos taken from the outside.

    Classic Contemporary photos.

    Contemporary reviews. Contemporary Resort Resort - Contemporary Pool Resort - Bay Pool

    Disney's Contemporary Resort is located in the Magic Kingdom Resort Area, between the Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake. It is right on the monorail line, with the monorail running through the center of the Grand Canyon Concourse.

    Services & Amenities
    -Room Service
    -Laundry facilities/services
    -Business Center offering copying, faxing, packaging, shipping and more (Internet is $10 per 15 minutes) Hours of operation 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM.
    -All rooms are non-smoking
    -Valet parking available for a nominal fee
    -Complimentary Self Parking
    -Barber and beauty shop
    -Meeting and banquet facilities
    -Pak-n-Play Crib available
    -Rooms and facilities for Guests with disabilities
    -Tennis Courts


    Monorail service is available to the Magic Kingdom. To use it go to the 4th floor and then get on the esclator to the Monorail station. For those with wheelchairs or ecv's, there is an elevator you can use. After getting on the Resort Monorail it will then stop at the Transportation & Ticket Center, Disney's Polynesian Resort and Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & SPA before arriving at the Magic Kingdom.

    However there is also a walkway to the Magic Kingdom which is faster then taking the Monorail and to find it just outside and by the bus stop there will be a sign that says walkway to the Magic Kingdom, so you can't miss it. Here are links to some pictures of the walkway from Allearsnet.

    Also courtesy of Robo here is an overhead map of the walkway to and from the Magic Kingdom.


    Bus transportation is also provided to Disney's Hollywood Studios, Disney's Animal Kingdom/Blizzard Beach and Downtown Disney/Typhoon Lagoon. I should also mention that in the mornings after getting on Disney Transport bus it will then make a stop at the Polynesian or Wilderness Lodge to pick guests waiting at either location. In the afternoons when returning from any of those destinations back to the Contemporary the bus route goes #1 Contemporary, #2 Polynesian and #3 Grand Floridian. However when going to Disney's Hollywood Studios, Disney's Animal Kingdom/Blizzard Beach and Downtown Disney/Typhoon Lagoon in the afternoon or evening it means for sure that bus will stop to pick up guests at the Polynesian and Grand Floridian before arriving at your final destination.

    Also if you want to visit one of the WDW Resorts not on the Resort Monorail line or where they have no boat transportation and don't have a car or don't feel like paying money for a taxi. Then use the walkway to the Magic Kingdom and when you arrive there walk to the Magic Kingdom bus section and get on the bus of the Resort you want to visit.

    Finally there is also a blue flag boat that operates everyday from 6:55 AM - 11:30 PM that goes to the Wilderness Lodge and Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground.

    The boat travels between CR-FW-WL-CR in the morning, after 3pm the route reverses, CR-WL-FW-CR, so getting to WL for dinner will be direct, getting home will have a stop at FW, but is a nice relaxing trip.


    Check In/Check Out
    3:00 PM (EST) / 11:00 AM (EST)

    LOBBY/CHECK-IN- See Post #103 for pictures.

    4600 North World Drive
    Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-1000.
    (407) 824-1000 and the fax number is (407) 824-3539.

    Payment Method(s)
    Disney Gift Card, Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover, JCB.


    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~

    Guest rooms and suites are located in two buildings, the main Tower, and the South Garden Wing. All rooms have two queen beds and a daybed, or one king bed and a daybed. A variety of suites are available, from Junior Suites to the Presidential Suite.


    All rooms have been refurbished. They now have flat screen TV's, updated linens, decor, and bathrooms.


    Room Rates
    (12.5% tax not included)
    Please click the link to see the current room rates.

    Room Information (from Dreams Unlimited)

    Both standard rooms and suites are offered at Disney's Contemporary Resort. At 422 square feet, the guest rooms here are amongst the largest on Disney property.
    Guest rooms feature 2 queen size beds (or one king size bed) and a daybed, table with 2 chairs, armoire, television, nightstand, refrigerator, telephone, electronic code operated in-room safe, wall mirror, large bathroom with hair dryer, luggage rack, iron and ironing board and a balcony/patio.
    The patios on the first floor rooms in the Garden wings are not private, they are shared with your neighbors. Guests who need to connect to home or work via the Internet while vacationing, will have high speed service.

    From klofan: A deluxe room (Garden Wing Room) is an oddly shaped room at the part of the wing where it bends. Since the North Wing was knocked down, they only have 3 now. They are rooms 5109, 5209, and 5309. It has an oversized bathroom with a bathtub and standup shower. It also has a sitting area with 2 couches and a coffee table. There is also two sliding glass doors. And each room comes with a huge, king sized bed.

    Roll-away beds may be requested for siblings who do not wish to share a bed, (there is a $15 per night charge for this).Also available are bed boards, bed rails and cribs (the pak-n-play variety) call Housekeeping to request. If there are more than 2 adults in the same room, there is an additional charge of $25 per person, per night.

    The following are available by calling Housekeeping:coffee makers (supplies may be limited), extra pillows, blankets and towels, and International Electrical Adapters.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~

    TIP #1: If you have reserved the Magic Kingdom View and want to stay as high as possible request a room on the 11th floor, because it's the highest non Club Level floor in the Tower. Personally I believe the Magic Kingdom Views are all the same no matter the floor, so it depends on who you ask about that.

    TIP #2: The South wing rooms are closer to the pool, and convention center. The Tower rooms offer incredible views of Bay Lake, the Seven Seas Lagoon or the Magic Kingdom Park. They are also closer to the monorail station, restaurants and shops. Garden wing rooms can be quite a distance from the monorail. However because of the proximity to the Grand Canyon Concourse, some Tower rooms may be noisy.

    TIP #3: In the Bay Lake View rooms during the night if you look to the right side you should be able to watch Illuminations from Epcot. I would also say the closer your room is to Chef Mickey's the better the chance you have of seeing it, since those rooms are located a bit closer to Epcot. However I might be wrong about the rooms by Chef Mickey's, so it's just a guess of mine. Finally while it's nothing like watching Wishes from the Magic Kingdom View rooms you can still see Illuminations from that far a distance, so it's something to remember.

    TIP #4 from oasispaul: You can also see the Swan & Dolphin, Downtown Disney (including the new Characters in Flight balloon) and the Wilderness Lodge. Oh, and you can see the Tree of Life @ AK, but it's a little harder to spot than the others...

    TIP #5: If you want a Magic Kingdom View where the beds face Magic Kingdom, request an odd numbered room. Also if you have a Bay Lake View if you request an odd number room you will also have a view of Epcot, Wilderness Lodge, Fort Wilderness and Downtown Disney. If you ended up with an even numbered room then your beds would face Bay Lake Tower.

    TIP #6: DVD Players are only available in the Club Level rooms on the 12th and 14th floors. So if your staying on standard in the Tower or the Garden Wing and plan to bring some DVD's for your kids to watch, I would recommend getting a Portable DVD Player.

    TIP #7: If you have the Tower Magic Kingdom View and are watching Wishes from your room, turn on channel 20 on the TV and you will hear the whole sound track for Wishes in the backround

    TIP #8: Each room in the Tower and South Garden Wing will have a door menu where you can pre-order room service breakfast for the next day. All you do is check off what items you want, what time you want them delivered by room service, your method of payment and be sure to put it outside your door on the handle before 2:00 AM.

    TIP #9: The lowest floor you can get in the Tower with the Magic Kingdom View is the 6th floor, because there are none on the 5th floor and that has to do with the Monorail station being located over there. So the regular Tower Magic Kingdom Views go from floors 6-11, then there are Club Level - Magic Kingdom Views on floors 12 and 14.

    TIP #10: When making a convention reservation you will get whatever room they will assign you, because you would get a very good rate and don't have the option to choose to the Magic Kingdom View, Bay Lake View or a Garden Wing room.

    TIP #11: Because Bay Lake Tower has taken up a lot of parking spaces in the North parking lot, the Contemporary has taken out 2 - 3 rows of valet parking spots and turned them into self parking spots.

    TIP #12: If you wanted to go from the 4th floor to the 3rd floor the only way you can do that is by taking the elevator. For whatever reason when taking the esclator on the 4th floor it goes right to the 2nd floor and skips the 3rd floor.

    TIP #13: When using your refillable mug at the Contempo Cafe for hot tea, you need to ask for the tea bags at the cash register.

    TIP #14: At the 10:00 PM the drink machine and all other machines in the Contempo Cafe closer to Chef Mickey's are turned off for the evening and are not turned back on until 6:00 AM. Then at 12:00 AM the same thing is done to the other machines and they are also not turned back om until 6:00 AM.

    TIP #15: From MIChessGuy. I think this might have been covered somewhere, but the cheap vending machines that I discovered in the CR were not on the convention level. Rather, I took the elevator to the 3rd floor and proceeded to a short hallway just to the left as you exit the elevator. (It seems to lead to a security door that opens to a backstage area.) Walk into the hallway, and whaddya know -- cheap vending for drinks AND snacks! I believe the soda machine was $1.50, possibly $1.25, and the snacks were equally reasonable.

    These machines are obviously intended for the use of the CMs who work in the hotel management offices on the third floor. I was just visiting the CR as a day guest, so I grabbed a diet soda and a bag of 'healthful' pita chips and hung around on the fourth floor for a while. A nice break from the MK: you can see that huge mural, the shops and the arcade and stuff, plus you can check out the observation deck at the north end of the floor.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~

    Magic Kingdom View and Bay Lake View photos




    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~

    Club Level Service

    Phone #407-824-1775
    Fax #407-824-3461

    Both Club Level floors offer service which includes personalized front desk and guest services, turndown service, refrigerator, coffeemaker, and lounge with continental breakfast, midday snacks, evening wine and cheese, beer, and evening cordials and dessert. The Atrium Club is on the 12th floor and is comprised of standard rooms and has full Club Level service. The Tower Club on the 14th floor offers the same full Club Level service. When you arrive tell the Cast Members working at the bell services desk located outside you are staying Club Level. They will call another Cast Member escort you up to the 12th or 14th floor because they already have a key which is coded for either floor that needs to be insterted into the elevator, so once you arrive on your floor you can check-in up there.

    Difference between the 2 Club Level floors

    The Atrium Club Magic Kingdom View and Bay Lake View became available by reservation on 01/09/09. Prior to that all you needed was an Atrium Club reservation and you would end up with either view.

    With the Tower Club there are a total of 16 rooms, 5 standard rooms and 11 suites: 1 & 2 Bedroom Suites, a Vice Presidential Suite and a Presidential Suite. With the standard rooms, there is no guarantee of a Magic Kingdom or Bay Lake View. However with the Suites, you will be booked into a particular view which will indicate the Magic Kingdom View or Bay Lake View. Finally there are 4 Standard Magic Kingdom View rooms and 1 standard Bay Lake View room.

    The lounge on the 12th floor is bigger with more seating then the 14th floor Club Level. They converted 3 standard rooms into the 12th floor lounge, so there are 3 balconies available on the MK side for all Club Level guests to watch the fireworks. The lounge on the 14th floor also offers seating outside on the balcony, which is something that is not offered on the 12th floor lounge.

    In the 14th floor rooms their mini fridges will already have cans Coke, Diet Coke, water and apple juice. The mini fridges for the rooms on the 12th floor are not stocked like the ones on the 14th floor, however anyone staying on the 12th floor can always take those items from the lounge themselves and put them in there.

    The balconies in the rooms and the lounge on the 14th floor are bigger then balconies in the rooms and lounge on the 12th floor.

    Finally both floors serve the exact same foods for breakfast, afternoon snacks, 5:00 PM hors d'oeuvres and 8:00 PM deserts & cordials. The 12th floor Atrium Club is less expensive then the 14th floor Tower Club, even though on both floors offer the exact same service. The 14th floor is more expensive because fewer number of total rooms and Suites.

    Club Level reviews

    Club Level room codes

    12th Floor
    CC - Atrium Club Standard Room, Bay Lake View
    CR - Atrium Club Standard Room, Theme Park View

    14th Floor
    CY - Tower Club Standard Room
    CW - Tower Club Standard Room (King)
    CQ - Tower Club One Bedroom Suite, Bay Lake View
    CL - Tower Club Two Bedroom Suite, Bay Lake View
    CV - Tower Club Vice Presidential Suite, Bay Lake View
    CN - Tower Club One Bedroom Suite, Theme Park View
    CM - Tower Club Two Bedroom Suite, Theme Park View
    CP - Tower Club Presidential Suite, Theme Park View

    Hot hors d'ouvres menu from 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM, for the Atrium Club & Tower Club

    Duck Confit with Apple Slaw
    Prosciutto Flatbread

    Beef Kafta Skewers
    Prosciutto Wrapped Sea Scallops

    Rock Shrimp with Humus
    Lollipop Chicken with BBQ Sauce

    Pork Pot Stickers
    Conch Fritters

    BBQ Short Rib in Spring Roll
    Tomato and Mozzarella Bruschetta

    Blue Crab Cheese Cake
    Beef Tenderloin Skewers

    Macadamia Nut Chicken
    Beef and Goat Cheese Flatbread

    Club Level tip #1
    Even though these are not offered with their other drinks that they put out in the lounge, you can ask the Cast Members for mini bottles of Nesquik Chocolate Milk that they keep in their storage room. However they only get a limited supply each day so by the time you ask they might have no more left.

    Club Level tip #2
    If your staying in an Atrium Club - Bay Lake View and want to watch Wishes, go to the lounge on the 12th floor to watch them and they also pipe in the music inside the lounge and outside on the balcony. The same thing can be done for guests staying with a Bay Lake View on the Tower Club 14th floor and the music is also piped in up there. Finally on nights when the Magic Kingdom is having Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party and Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, the music for either party is also piped into both lounges and lounge balconies.

    Club Level tip #3
    Both the rooms on the 12th and 14th floors will have two bath robes each in the hallway closet which you can use during your stay, so they would be great to wear after taking a shower.

    Club Level tip #4
    If you want to purchase thank you gifts for the Club Level Cast Members that work on the 12th and 14th floors, the gift can be no more then $75.00 in value.

    Club Level tip #5
    Sometimes when either lounge runs out of the sparlking water that is placed in a glass bottle, they will replace it with mini bottles of Dasani.

    Also you can ask a Cast Member these mini bottles of Dasani and they will get them for you from the back.

    Club Level tip #6.
    The Contemporary IPO Cast Members are also the Grand Floridian IPO Cast Members, so that means they help Club Level guests of both resorts before they arrive, which could be one reason they don't respond to your calls or e-mails. Now that is not an excuse because they should be able to help all their guests, so it might be a reason why they never respond back to you.

    Club Level tip #7
    Travellers Cheques can now be cashed on either the 12th or 14th floor, so no more doing that in the lobby.

    Club Level tip #8
    When insterting your car for the 12th or 14th floors, if it does not light up then just press the button for your specific floor.

    Club Level tip #9
    Just incase either lounge runs out of a specific hot food item it will be replaced by an item from the old menu which was used by the old menu. For example on a Thursday night the Atrium Club lounge ran out of the Tomato and Mozzarella Bruschetta, so it was replaced by the Beef Wellington that was on the old menu.

    Club Level tip #10
    The brand new fridge on the Atrium Club now has cans of Soda in there all day until 10:00 PM and the various bottles of Beer are also in there from 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM.

    Atrium Club lounge pictures







    More Atrium Club Level lounge photos.


    More lounge photos of the Tower Club.

    Room #4911 on the Tower Club.

    Room #4912 on the Tower Club.

    Presidential Suite photos.

    Vice Presidential Suite photos.

    One Bedroom Suite photos.

    Wildlife Discovery Excursion
    Guests staying on the concierge level at a Walt Disney World Deluxe Resort can take advantage of a unique tour called Wildlife Discovery Excursions. An animal expert will accompany you in a specialy designed climate controlled vehicle for a one hour journey into the 110 acre savannah at Disney's Animal Kingdom. (Tours began February 2005).

    This tour is very educational and full of information regarding Disney's animal programs. You stop at pre-selected locations in the savannah for photo oportunities. The tour is held rain or shine (unless the weather is severe). During our tour it rained quite heavily at times, however the animals were out all over the savannah.

    Small groups (14 maximum) head out for this adventure twice a day at a cost of $45 each. A portion of the proceeds are donated to the Disney Wildlife Conservation Fund. Advance reservations are required. Contact your concierge or resort itinerary planner at your deluxe Disney resort.

    To make reservations call or e-mail the Contemporary IPO Cast Members.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~


    California Grill located on the 15th floor. (Don't forget to check-in for your ADR go to the 2nd floor of the Tower and you will then take a special elevator up to the restaurant.)
    Reviews Resort - California Grill
    California Grill photos:
    Fun Facts: California Grill Disney's Contemporary Resort cooked up the 2004 Disney Magazine Reader's Choice Award for Best Overall Walt Disney WorldResort Restaurant for Adults!

    Due to capacity constraints as well as the numerous private functions hosted by the California Grill, only patrons of the California Grill may use the 15th floor observation deck at Disney's Contemporary Resort.

    Guests who have dined prior in the evening may return to California Grill to view the fireworks. Guests will need to present their receipt from dinner to gain re-entry to the restaurant.

    As an alternative, Disney Resort Guests who are visiting Disney's Contemporary Resort for shopping or dining experiences may visit a fireworks viewing location on the north end of the 4th floor Grand Canyon Concourse. Proceed past the Concourse Sundries and Spirits shop and exit the doors to the exterior. From the viewing area, Guests can see Cinderella Castle and Magic Kingdom® theme park, and hear the background music and sounds synchronized with the Wishes fireworks display. There is a small area under cover for viewing during inclement weather.

    The sushi and Chef's counter are seated on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Chef Mickey's located on the 4th floor.
    Reviews Resort - Chef Mickey's Buffet
    Chef Mickey's photos:
    Fun Facts: Chef Mickey's at Disney's Contemporary Resort cooked up the 2004 Disney Magazine Reader's Choice Award for Best Overall Walt Disney WorldResort Restaurant for Kids!

    The Wave located in the lobby.
    The Wave Reviews Resort - The Wave
    The Wave photos
    The Wave Buffet Breakfast photos posted by WDWKOOK

    Contempo Cafe located on the 4th floor.
    Contempo Cafe photos:
    Contempo Cafe review: - Contempo Cafe

    Outer Rim Lounge located on the 4th floor between Chef Mickey's and the Contempo Cafe.
    Reviews - Outer Rim
    Outer Rim Lounge photos

    Contemporary Grounds located in the lobby towards the convention center doors, which is operated by Joffrey's and sells their coffee.

    The Sand Bar located just next to the pool.

    Room service menu

    You can also order special treats to be delivered to your room by calling Private Dining. The chocolate monorail is $40 plus tax and delivery. Order up to 2 weeks before arrival.






    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~

    If you want to see Wishes from your resort, you can schedule dinner at the award winning California Grill and watch the show from the 15th floor observation deck reserved for restaurant patrons or enjoy the show from the 4th floor observation deck that's open to the public. (Better yet, reserve a Magic Kingdom view room in the Contemporary tower.) See photo of the Observation Deck in post #101.

    The Electrical Water Pageant that glides across Bay Lake nightly can be viewed from the beach area, dock, or Bay Lake View rooms of this resort.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~

    POOL- See Pictures post #107
    There are two pools at the Contemporary. The large pool is a freeform pool complete with a 17-foot high curving slide. There is also a round, quiet pool which is shallow around the edges and deeper in the center. Two whirlpools have also been added, one of which is located on a peninsula which juts out into the freeform pool area. There is no swimming allowed in the lake.

    Music that is always played at the pool.

    Pool and Marina Photos

    Pictures of the kids splash area

    Please note that guests staying at Bay Lake Tower will be the only non Contemporary guests with access to the Contemporary pool and quiet pool if they choose to swim there.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~
    MARINA- See pictures Post #106
    Bay Lake can provide a playground for many other kinds of water activities. For a fee, guests may choose watermice, sailboats, pontoon boats, water-skiing, or parasailing through Sammy Duvall's Watersport Center.

    Info from MagicinMYHEART
    Note: Prices are valid as of February 2008. Prices are subject to change without notice, list prices do not include tax or gratuity.

    Info on Watermice:
    Sea Raycer $30.00 per 1/2 hour, $40.00 per 3/4 hour, $45.00 per hour
    2 passenger maximum (320 lb. max)
    *Driver must be 12 years of age and be 5 ft. tall in order to operate: also must be accompanied by an adult with a valid driver's license.
    **Single drivers of the boats must be over 16 years old and have a valid Drivers Licensed No age restrictions for passengers. Parent/legal guardian signature required for all minors.

    Boat Rental 10:00a.m.-5:00p.m. (Last boat rental at 4:45PM)
    Bay Lake and Seven Seas Lagoon close at 5:00PM

    Specialty Cruises:
    Celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or group outings by watching the Magic Kingdoms Firework.
    Hours vary, standard trip lasts 50 minutes. Prices vary depending on the party size, food, and decorations.
    Maximum 8-10 people per boat: Includes driver, snacks & beverages.Addition food and beverage packages are available (additional charge)
    Call WDW-PLAY (407-939-7529) for reservations

    Motorized Boats:

    17' Boston Whaler Montauk:$45.00 per 1/2 hour
    6 passengers maximum
    *Diver must be 18 years of age

    21' Sun Tracker Pontoon Boat: $45.00 per 1/2 hour
    10 passengers
    *Diver must be 18 years of age

    Fishing Excursion
    Guided Bass Fishing Excursions:
    7am-9am or 10am-12:00pm
    1:30pm-3:30pm $225.00 Excursion Daily 2hr
    Extended trips are also available
    Guided excursions are tax-exempt. All Guided excursions include 2 hours of fishing for up to five people, an experience guide, rod & reels, tackle, artificial bait, live bait, non-alcoholic beverages, a digital photo or your outing & a one-year BASS membership. Call WDW-BASS (407-939-2277)

    Coupons and Discounts:
    Click here for coupon for Sammy Duvall's

    From Mousesavers:
    Passholders save 10% on personal watercraft, parasailing, water-skiing and wakeboarding at Sammy Duvall's Watersports Centre at Disney's Contemporary Resort. Reservations required. Certain age restrictions apply. For more information or reservations call (407) WDW-PLAY (939-7529).

    In 2008, Disney World Annual Passholders save 15% on boat rentals (except specialty cruises) at any resort marina.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~

    Cabana information

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~

    OLYMPIAD FITNESS CENTER AND SPA (from Dreams Unlimited on the DIS) See Pictures Post #44

    On the third floor of the resort, the Olympiad fitness center is open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily. Here you will find Nautilus equipment, 6 Life Circuit Stations, 11 Cybex Stations, hand weights up to 50 lbs., Stairmasters, Life Cycles, treadmills, sauna and massages. Personal training is available by appointment only. Open to all Walt Disney World Resort guests, membership costs are:$12 per person, per day; $20 for the Guest Length of Stay, $40 for Family Length of Stay. Use of the facilities for Contemporary guests Disney Vacation Club members is complimentary.

    SALON See Pictures Post #44
    Links to Salon prices.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~


    The Grand Canyon Concourse is an open 14 story atrium featurning restaurants, shops, lobby, check-in, and monorail. On the concourse walls is an enormous mosaic designed by Mary Blair. The carpet and tile on the Concourse level have also been replaced. Chef Mickey's, Contempo Cafe, Outer Rim Bar are all located here. There are also various stores like Fantasia, Bay View Gifts and Fantasia Market.

    Picture of the 4th floor observation deck facing the Magic Kingdom.

    Store reviews - Fantasia Market - BVG - Fantasia Shop
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~




    More Pictures of the Fantasia Market from Jack Spence courtesy of and

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~

    Convention Center information

    Disney's Contemporary Resort Facilities Highlights
    The meeting, convention and function space at Disney's Contemporary Resort features over 115,000 square feet ready to be divided, decorated and equipped to accommodate your needs. Featuring four separate ballrooms, 35 breakout rooms, high-speed Internet access, built-in registration desks, meeting planner offices and over 32,000 square feet of pre-function space, everything you could possibly imagine comes together in one magnificent location.

    Over 115,000 square feet of flexible function space

    Four ballrooms including the 44,000 square-foot Fantasia Ballroom and the 12,000 square-foot Ballroom of the Americas

    35 modern breakout rooms

    Elegant Boardroom with permanent conference table and seating for 24

    State-of-the-art technology including high-speed and Wireless (Wi-Fi) Internet connectivity

    Escalator and elevator access to function space on both levels

    Business Center and meeting planner's office

    Permanent convention registration counters

    Booth controlled lighting and A/V

    Remote control lighting and projection

    State-of-the-art sound system

    Satellite up/down link capabilities

    Drive-in access for vehicle display in the Fantasia Ballroom

    Convenient loading dock for quick set-up and removal of exhibits

    Roll-up doors for ballroom access

    Exhibit capacities: 295 8' x 10' booths, 269 10' x 10' booths

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~

    Hours of operation 8:30 AM - 11:30 PM.


    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~

    Coin operated laundry machines located in the South Garden Wing. Additionally, dry cleaning services are available for a fee. The washing machine costs $2.00, as does the dryer. Also they only accept KTTW cards as methods of payment.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~

    WIFI information

    Contemporary has wi-fi available in limited areas of the resort:

    Main Lobby
    Tower Club 14th Floor Club Level Lounge
    Outer Rim Bar
    1st Floor Convention Center Lobby
    2nd Floor Convention Center Lobby
    Main Pool

    It is not free; cost if $4.99 for the first 60 minutes, or $9.95 for 24 continuous hours. You'll need a credit card for payment, as the wi-fi is provided by an outside vendor and is available to anyone, whether staying at CR or not.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~
    Contemporary YouTube videos.

    The Resort Monorail going from the Magic Kingdom to the Contemporary

    The DISUnplugged video of the Contemporary

    Chef Mickey's Contemporary Disney World

    Disney's Contemporary Resort Walkthru in HD~Disney World

    Deluxe Garden Wing Room

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~

    Bay Lake Tower at Disney's Contemporary Resort

    Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort - FACT SHEET
    Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, a Disney Vacation Club Resort, will complement the strong horizontal lines of the original resort while adding its own unique touches, including a fireworks viewing deck, a rooftop lounge, a lakeside pool and much more. Add to that a sky bridge linking the tower to the original resort’s monorail station, restaurants and shops, and you’ve got a new classic Disney resort that allows guests to blow Tinker Bell a kiss goodnight as they relax after a fun day of theme park experiences.

    Building upon a Beloved Icon
    Bay Lake Tower builds on the celebrated legacy of Disney’s Contemporary Resort, hailed as a modern marvel of American architecture when it opened alongside the nearby Magic Kingdom Park on Oct. 1, 1971. While its innovative design drew early crowds, it was Disney’s Contemporary Resort’s unparalleled convenience that kept families coming back. Today, Disney’s Contemporary Resort offers conveniences unavailable at any other resort hotel, including a monorail station right inside the building, the fine dining and amazing views of the Walt Disney World Resort available at the California Grill, the innovative and healthful dining options served at new restaurant The Wave and the new game arcade and quick-service eatery located on the resort’s fourth floor. Plus, the proximity to the Magic Kingdom Park continually proves to be among the resort’s most popular “amenities,” allowing families to easily return to their rooms for quick breaks from their busy day in the Park.
    Bay Lake Tower will take that experience one step further, adding the conveniences of “home” to this world-class vacation destination. Most rooms feature full kitchens complete with granite countertops and modern appliances, separate bedrooms, washers and dryers, and other home-like amenities that will add even more comfort and convenience to the unique experience offered by Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

    Unparalleled Views
    Bay Lake Tower’s crescent-shaped tower will boast some of the most dramatic Walt Disney World views available, offering open sightlines to an amenity-filled courtyard, the picturesque lakefront or one of the most beloved theme parks on earth. The view will be equally appealing on the other side of the window, with rich woods and warm fabrics complementing interior spaces and creating a welcoming, family friendly environment.

    Planned Rooftop Lounge and Fireworks Viewing Area
    The only view better than the one families will enjoy from their rooms may be the one available* from the exclusive rooftop deck, offering sweeping views of the resort and a dramatic look at Magic Kingdom Park’s fireworks by night. Plus, as an homage to the original, Bay Lake Tower’s rooftop lounge, Top of the World Lounge, was actually inspired by Disney’s Contemporary Resort’s former restaurant of the same name.
    *Availability is limited and usage guidelines do apply.

    Planned Spacious Lobby
    After checking in at the original resort, Guests’ first glimpse of the tower’s interior will be revealed in the lobby area filled with woven woods and glass-wrapped columns. From the area, guests can catch their first look at Bay Lake Tower’s lakeside pool area and outside pool bar.

    Planned Bay Cove Pool
    Nestled in the shadow of Bay Lake Tower, the resort’s zero entry pool includes a water slide, separate whirlpool spa and an interactive children’s water feature – all overlooking picturesque Bay Lake.

    Planned Resort Amenities
    Beyond the rooftop lounge, spacious lobby and lakeside pool, Bay Lake Tower will feature a covered outdoor sky bridge that connects to the original resort so that guests can access the monorail as well as the restaurants and merchandise shops Guests love at Disney’s Contemporary Resort. Plus, Bay Lake Tower Guests can pamper themselves with room service available through the original resort or make use of Community Hall, an activity center.

    Disney Vacation Club
    Disney Vacation Club is a vacation-ownership program that helps families enjoy flexibility and savings on vacations for decades to come. By purchasing a real estate interest in a Disney Vacation Club resort, families enjoy flexible vacations at Disneydestinations worldwide, as well as more than 500 other popular Member Getaways vacation locations around the globe.

    Disney Resorts
    Walt Disney Parks & Resorts operates 38 resort hotels with more than 35,000 hotel rooms worldwide.
    Disney Vacation Club properties include the following eight deluxe resorts:
    • Disney’s Old Key West Resort
    • Disney’s BoardWalk Villas
    • The Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge
    • Disney Beach Club Villas
    • Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa
    • Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas
    • Disney’s Vero Beach Resort
    • Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort

    Fun Facts
    Disney Vacation Club has doubled its membership since 2004 to include more than 350,000 individual members from each U.S. state and approximately 100 different countries.
    There are 167 miles of post-tensioning cable running through the concrete slabs. These cables could stretch from Bay Lake Tower to Disney’s Vero Beach Resort and back.
    There are 1,398 tons of reinforcing steel, known as rebar, within the structure. This is equal to the weight of 254 full-grown elephants.
    Bay Lake Tower rests on a foundation of more than 800 concrete piles that are 16” in diameter and extend 70’ into the ground. Stacked on top of one another, these would reach more than 10 miles into the sky.

    Quick Facts
    Date Announced:
    September 16, 2008
    Targeted Completion Date:
    Fall 2009
    Bay Lake Tower is ideally situated between the Magic Kingdom Park and Disney’s Contemporary Resort with easy access to the monorail
    Room Mix:
    Bay Lake Tower offers studios, one-, two- and three-bedroom units. The majority of room categories include views of Bay Lake or Magic Kingdom Park
    Number of Units:
    295 two-bedroom equivalent villas
    Planned Resort Amenities:
    Zero entry pool with water slide, separate spa and interactive children’s water feature. Exclusive lounge on the top floor with outdoor fireworks viewing area* (* availability is very limited and usage guidelines apply). Covered outdoor sky bridge connects Bay Lake Tower to the existing resort so that guests can access the monorail.

    Full bathroom
    Sleeps up to four
    Queen-size bed, plus full-size sofa bed
    Flat-panel TV and DVD player
    Wet bar, small refrigerator, microwave and coffeemaker
    Private balcony or porch

    One-Bedroom Vacation Home
    Two full bathrooms
    Sleeps up to five
    Master bedroom suite with king-size bed, and connecting bathroom with whirlpool tub
    Queen-size sofa bed and sleeper chair in living room
    Flat-panel TV and DVD player in living room, and flat-panel TV in master bedroom
    Full kitchen includes: coffeemaker, dinnerware, glassware, flatware, pots and pans, microwave, toaster, stove, refrigerator, dishwasher and more
    Laundry area contains stacked washer and dryer
    Private balcony or porch

    Dedicated Two-Bedroom Vacation Home

    Three full bathrooms
    Sleeps up to nine
    Master bedroom suite with king-size bed and connecting bathroom with whirlpool tub
    Second bedroom with separate bathroom and two queen-size beds
    Queen-size sofa bed and sleeper chair in living room
    Flat-panel TV and DVD player in living room, and flat-panel TV in master bedroom and the second bedroom
    Full kitchen includes: coffeemaker, dinnerware, glassware, flatware, pots and pans, microwave, toaster, stove, refrigerator, dishwasher and more
    Laundry area contains stacked washer and dryer
    Private balcony or porch

    Two-Bedroom Lockoff Vacation Home

    Three full bathrooms: one is a Master bathroom with whirlpool tub
    Defined as a Studio plus One-Bedroom
    Sleeps up to nine
    Master bedroom suite with king-size bed
    Second bedroom with one queen-size bed plus one full-size sofa bed
    Queen-size sofa bed in living room
    Flat-panel TV and DVD player in living room, and flat-panel TV in master bedroom and the second bedroom
    Full kitchen includes: coffeemaker, dinnerware, glassware, flatware, pots and pans, microwave, toaster, stove, refrigerator, dishwasher and more
    Laundry area contains stacked washer and dryer
    Private balcony or porch

    2-Story Grand Villa Vacation Home

    Four full bathrooms: one is a Master bathroom with whirlpool tub
    Sleeps up to 12
    Master bedroom suite with king-size bed
    Two additional bedrooms, each with two queen-size beds
    Queen-size sofa bed in living room
    Full-size sofa bed in upstairs sitting area
    Flat-panel TV and DVD player in living room, and flat-panel TV in master bedroom and both additional bedrooms
    Full kitchen includes: coffeemaker, dinnerware, glassware, flatware, pots and pans, microwave, toaster, stove, refrigerator, dishwasher and more
    Dining room with dining table and chairs
    Laundry area contains stacked washer and dryer
    Private balcony
    *Floor plans and furnishings are subject to change. Actual room size may vary slightly depending on room location.

    Vacation Home amenities*:

    Master bedroom:
    One king-size bed with linens

    Second and third bedrooms:
    Two queen-size beds with linens, or
    One queen-size bed and one full-size sleeper sofa with linens
    Pak-n-Play® crib
    Clock radio
    Cable television

    Because DVC resorts are designed to be a "home away from home," you should be aware that daily housekeeping service is not provided. (However, each One-, Two-, and Three-Bedroom Villa is equipped with a washer and dryer so that you can keep not just your clothes, but also your linens and towels as clean as you like. Guests staying in Studios or Inn Rooms may use the complimentary washers and dryers conveniently located throughout the resorts. Laundry detergent is available for purchase.)

    For stays of seven or fewer nights, Trash and Towel Service is provided on day four. With this service, Housekeeping will

    Empty the trash and put new liners in the wastebaskets
    Provide fresh bathroom towels
    Replace shampoo, facial soap and bath soap
    Replenish facial tissues, paper towels, and toilet paper
    Replenish coffee, sugar, and cream
    Replenish dishwashing liquid, dishwasher detergent, sponges, and laundry detergent as applicable
    For stays of eight or more nights, Full Cleaning Service is provided on day four and Trash and Towel Service is provided on day eight. After that, the cycle begins again on day 12. With Full Cleaning Service, Housekeeping will provide everything included with the Trash and Towel Service, plus

    Change the bed linens
    Vacuum and dust
    Clean the bathroom(s)
    Clean the kitchen/ette and wash the dishes

    DVC Member "pay-as-you-go" housekeeping services:
    1-bedroom, full cleaning- $45.00
    2-bedroom, full cleaning- $60.00
    1-bedroom, trash and towel- $20.00
    2-bedroom, trash and towel- $25.00

    *Amenities may vary by resort and are subject to change without notice.

    Also anyone who makes a regular cash reservation for Bay Lake Tower will get housekeeping service for everyday of you're stay.
    Resort Benefits
    As a Disney Vacation Club Member, you enjoy the comforts of home, as well as, the same benefits of staying at a Walt Disney World® Resort hotel:

    Extra Magic Hours — Each day, one of the Walt Disney World® Theme Parks opens an hour early or stays open up to three hours after regular Park hours. This benefit allows you to enjoy a more relaxed pace knowing that you'll have extra time to visit the Theme Parks.

    Disney's Magical Express Service — This exclusive complimentary shuttle and luggage delivery service takes you from Orlando International Airport directly to your Resort. At the end of your stay, you'll enjoy the same convenience from your Resort to Orlando International Airport.

    Convenient Transportation — Buses arrive right at your Resort to get you to and from Walt Disney World® Theme Parks, Water Parks and more.

    A Retreat Close to the Magic — When you stay at a Disney Vacation Club Resort, you're not only surrounded by magic 24 hours a day, you're also close enough to hop back to your Resort for a snack, nap or dip in the pool.

    Incredible Disney Service — Disney Cast Members are on hand to make your vacations as easy and worry-free as possible, providing you with the signature Disney service you expect.
    Besides having Magic Kingdom® Park right outside your door, Bay Lake Tower and Disney's Contemporary Resort itself, offer a wide array of activities for your whole family.Character Dining: Chef Mickey's
    Dine with Chef Mickey as he cooks up a bountiful display of delicious dishes for his buffet.

    Signature Dining: California Grill
    Enjoy a spectacular view and world-class dining inspired by a west-coast fusion of American cuisine.
    Casual Dining: The Wave
    Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, this menu combines sensational dining ideas with fresh, healthful choices and exciting world flavors.

    Quick Service Restaurant: Contempo Cafe
    Tuck into a hot or cold sandwich, salads and desserts at this quick service location.

    Cove Bar

    *Please note that features and amenities are subject to change, and some activities require a fee, need reservations and/or have certain age requirements.
    From Interstate 95
    From Interstate 4
    From Orlando International Airport

    From Interstate 95

    From I-95, take I-4 West to Exit 64 (Magic Kingdom® Park).
    Follow signs for Magic Kingdom Park.
    Enter the toll plaza in one of the right side lanes.
    Continue through toll plaza, following the green line.
    Follow signs to resort check-in.

    From Interstate 4

    Travel West on 536.
    Follow signs for Magic Kingdom Park.
    Enter the toll plaza in one of the right side lanes.
    Continue through toll plaza, following the green line.
    Follow signs to resort check-in.

    From Orlando International Airport

    Take the airport's south exit, follow the red directional signs to State Road 417 (The Greenway) South. Note: This is a toll road.
    Take State Road 417 to the beginning of State Road 536 West.
    Travel West on 536.
    Follow signs for Magic Kingdom Park.
    Enter the toll plaza in one of the right side lanes.
    Continue through toll plaza, following the green line.
    Follow signs to resort check-in.

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    This is such a great thread and source of information!

    I do want to add - we stayed last week in the garden wing (2 rooms) and the rooms have a desk/desk chair and no table w/ 2 chairs. Not a big deal, but it is a bit different than the room diagram above.
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    As an early page poster, I just wanted to note that if you plan to have an "un-Disney" Disney vacation, and plan to sleep late a few days, be sure to request a room on a high floor and/or the north side away from Chef Mickey's. We were on the seventh floor right above CM, and it was LOUD. Not the normal eating noise, but the yelling and screaming for every kid's birthday was really bad. They encourage everyone to scream and wave their napkins. If you're waking up early for rope drop, though, not a problem!
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    We are staying at BLT for the first time when we go in september. Looking forward to it. We have a Magic Kingdom view and are DVC with BLT as our home resort. I'm excited and will post pictures after our trip
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    One night on our trip, we're taking the boat to WL for dinner at WCC. On our ride back to CR - if fireworks happen to be going off - can you see them from the boat ride on Bay Lake?
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    You might be able to see part of them, however it's hard to say because of the Contemporary Tower and Bay Lake Tower being in the way. The only thing I can say is you will be able to hear them when they are going off.
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    I think when it comes to something like this it depends on what each persons opinion is and where their room is located. There have been a few times when staying on the 12th floor that I got a room over Chef Mickey's, however I didn't mind noise from there. The last time I stayed on the 12th floor was in August 2010 and was in room #4808 on the Bay Lake side. Well that specifc room was right over the Contempo Cafe, however it was almost right at the begining of where Chef Mickey's starts. Although I can say that I didn't hear any noise from there.

    However I do agree if anyone thinks noise from there will be a problem the best thing is to request a room away from Chef Mickey's over the Fantasia store, having a higher floor would only be a bonus.
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    With a little one, we are excited to be able to stay at CR and see fireworks from the room balcony a night or two during our stay. On other nights, how is the noise level of Wishes inside a MK view room with the balcony doors closed, something you could sleep through? Just in case he's very tired and turns in around 8 or so. I know Wishes will be late some nights when MNNSHP is going on from looking at park and event calendars.

    Secondly, Chef Mickey's, the Concourse, etc., can you barely hear noise inside your room later at night, early in the a.m or REALLY hear it? Thanks for any responses:)
  21. CR Resort Fan 4 Life

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    Well even with the balcony doors closed you can still hear the bang of the fireworks when they go off, however it's not as bad if you were standing outside or had the balcony door opened.

    The noise level on the 4th floor depends on which floor your room will be located on. So if your room is over Chef Mickey's chances are you will hear it, although others claim it's not a problem and others don't like it. Basically that comes down to your personal opinion, although you can request a room away from there just incase. Now the lowest floor I ever had in the Tower was on the 6th floor which was right above the Monorail station. However I can honestly say we never heard any noise from it or people talking when they were in line.

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