Thanks for Discovery Cove Help!!!!!


WDWWDS Commander of Special Operations
Jan 25, 2001
Hi Everyone - After reading these boards since this winter, my trip to Discovery Cove was absolutely EXCELLENT!!!! We were very prepared for the day and that really helped the whole experience. Instead of giving a trip report - as our trip was much like everyone else's - I would like to add some comments that might help out some other people:

- they have bags for your wet stuff in the bathrooms, so you don't need to bring your own.
- I brought my video camera, camera and a underwater dispo camera - Next time I'd just get 1-2 dispo underwater camras and not worry about my regular camera. For the video camra, I just took it out once - filmed everything - then put it back in the locker. That seemed to work well.
- Instead of having one bag for both of our stuff (there were two of us) I would have a smaller bag for each of us - that would make changing at the end of the day easier.
- If you have glasses or want to wear sunglasses in the dolphin pool - make sure you have straps on them!!!
- Even if it's a little bit cool, or just warm - consider getting a shortie wet suit - that water can be cold! It was low 80's with a cool breeze and we wore shorties. Everyone was asking where we got them from!
- I asked this question before, so now I'll give the official answer: If you use your Sea World pass the day you go to Discovery Cove, it counts as day 1 - but if you wait, like you're supposed to, and go the next day that will count as day 1.

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask!!!

Also, some Sea World comments:
- the line for Kraken never did get longer than 15-20 minutes (except for the front row)
- If you're going to ride Journey to Atlantis, and sit in the middle so you don't get wet - make sure there is someone in the front row - or else you will get somewhat wet on the second drop!!! Our shorts did not get it too bad and we did dry off, but we did get a good spashing!

Thanks again for all the great posts!


Earning My Ears
Mar 14, 2001
Thanks for all the great information and useful tips. You answered some questions I hadn't even thought of yet!:p My family and I will be at DC on May 26th (avoiding the Memorial Day weekend crowds at the other parks;)) and we are really looking forward to it.