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Mar 4, 2001
I've been reading the boards a lot this past week. I've read SO MANY horror stories about the Alamo rentals. I had an awful experience with Alamo at the Fort Myers airport about 2 years ago, but was hoping that things might be better at a different location.

I have a car reserved at Alamo for my vacation during Easter week. That's obviously a very busy time down there anyway, but now I have visions of wasting hours standing in line and then being treated badly once I finally do get to the counter.

I called my travel agent, and she found a decent deal on the same size car through Dollar Rental. I'm thinking about it over the weekend. The price is higher at Dollar, but not unreasonable.

What do you think? Should I make the switch, or take my chances with Alamo to get the lower price?

Thanks for any advice or experiences you have to offer!
I was in the same situation for next week. I switched to Dollar and got a great rate with tips from www.marywaring.com (better then my travel agent could get!). Go to Dollars web site and try price code dweb, kiss, or emfl, plus with no code at all. Also, make sure to enroll in the Fatstlane program (no charge) to bypass any lines at the airport. I'll let you knwo how things go for us next week!
Thanks for the tips!! I will try what you suggested. Please do post a message when you get back so I can know how it went for you.

By the way, I notice that you're a close neighbor of mine in Michigan. Try to bring back some of the Florida warmth from your vacation!

Have a wonderful trip!!
I rented from them 2 years ago with no problems. I am going during spring break and I have rented a SUV for $189 a week! Great price! I should be picking it up around 5am though so not many lines plus I have the quicksilver card so that should help! Wish me luck!


MY vote...absolutely switch to a rental site at the airport....even for a few more dollars more it can add 3 hours to your vacation and lots of hairs to your head..Ted
I also was able to get in on a GREAT deal with Dollar for my April trip! Check them out, as another had posted here, put in one of those codes and went from $300 down to $125 for an economy car for a week! If you want to know which one, let me know and I will e-mail it to you (don't know if I am allowed to tell the codes) :(
Thanks, Preb and Tinkerdorabelle, for the encouragement and info. Today I changed my reservation to Dollar. I went on their website, tried each possible password you suggested, and found the one that worked. We got the mid-size car we need for $169.99 instead of $237.99!! That extra $68 will buy us a nice dinner or two on our trip. :)

The cost is still higher than Alamo, but it is more than worth it if it saves me time, grief, and stress. After all, I'm going on VACATION!

Thanks again for your help!! :D

I also, read the post about alamo!
and I heard about quick rent ,,,you by-pass the rental counter...should take no longer than 15 minutes. so they say. we will see.
I am sticking with alamo.
go to the www.alamo.com and convert to quick rent,take care of everything on-line.
We just returned and our car rental went flawlessly! We signed up for their "Fastlane" program (no charge on their website) and went right up to the counter, but there we're only about 3 people in the regular line, so I don't know if it was really needed. The cars are right across the street, so we were out of there in about 10 minutes. They did try to hard sell the insurance, so double check your coverage with your insurance policy and credit card before you leave so you can confidently decline. Also, we had an upgrade coupon I printed off their website (expires 3/31/01, so it won't work on your date) and we were supposed to be upgraded from a mid-size to a full size. They didn't have a full size available, so they gave us a minivan (for only $149.00 for the week)! Sleep easy - Dollar was the right choice...I noticed several packed Alamo buses going by when we checked our luggage curbside on the return!
I appreciate your update, preb! So glad to hear that your car rental went wonderfully. Thanks for your good tips and for your words of encouragement! :)
Hi again...not sure when you are leaving but keep checking rates right up til the week you go...last year I had National Emerald club,for 149....next time it was 115.00 for a mid or full size at the airport ..rates change daily and there is never a penalty for cancelling and changing....enjoy...you're going to DISNEYWORLD!!
just got off avis site and thanks to mary got weekly rate of $117/compact. we're staying for a total of 18 days, so the total rental is $ 454 w/taxes/surcharges/fees. does this sound good, or is there something better out there since we're renting for so-o-o long!
I just got back last week and we used Alamo with no problems at all. I posted a new thread on this subject on the Transportation Board under "No Problems with Alamo" or something like that if you want to read it.

I was worried because I too had heard horror stories about Alamo but we used Priceline so we had to stick with them. They didn't ask me more then once if I wanted their insurance and our car was great. I was only in line for 10 minutes or so even though there was quite a line and dropping the car off was as easy as pie.



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