Staying @ POP Century- Can This Be Done ?

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by RalphMouth, May 20, 2007.

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    Mar 31, 2004
    we are staying at POP Century Resort and my mother-in-law is going to AK with us on Sunday June 3rd but she
    isn't staying there w/us as she has a room at the Hyatt
    at Orlando International Airport that night due to a 6 a.m.
    departure the next morning-

    My question is ....
    can she meet us at the POP Century Resort, park there
    and ride the bus over to AK and then catch a bus back
    later that night to pick up her car ??
  2. mickaholic4077

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    Apr 18, 2003
    Yes. She will have to tell the guard that she is visiting to see your family and she'll park in the check-in parking lot. What I would do if I were you is request a parking pass for your room if you don't already have one,or an extra one if you drove your car(or a rental)(tell them you lost your pass) so her car is covered.
  3. calypso*a*go-go

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    Dec 30, 2003
    I don't think you'd have to tell them you lost yours...just let them know how many parking passes you need. Also, if your MIL needs to save time at all, she could use the same pass and park @ AK for free and just leave the park to go directly to the airport.
  4. thunderbird1

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    Aug 18, 2005
    This is what I would do--give her your parking pass (or get an extra, if you need one, too), then have her either pick you up at POP or (if car seats or space are an issue) have her park at AK and meet you at the entrance. It will save her some time.

    Unless she's not in any hurry to get back to the airport, and wants to spend more time with you, even if it is just riding the bus or hanging out at Pop at the end of the night. Then your plan would work just fine (again, letting her use your parking pass).

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