Staying at HRH, priority seating???


oh bother!
Aug 23, 1999
We will be staying at the Hard Rock Hotel from April 24-28. My question is, at what restaurants can you show your room key and receive the next available table? I believe I read that it worked at the CityWalk restaurants (except Emerils), but does it work in the parks, or at the resorts?

We know we want to eat at the following restaurants, but we aren't sure which days we want to eat where:

NBA City
Pat O'Brien's
Confisco's (lunch)
Finnegan's (lunch)
Mama Della's
Sunset Grill

Should I have a PS/reservation in hand for any of these places before arriving? Or will the show the room key thing work alright?

Thanks for your help on this! :)
hi luvpooh,
I called the # from last week. I also will be at HRH in April (17 days actually). Anyway, they told me that I could make reservations, not priority seating, but reservations for Margaritaville. When I asked about the Hard Rock Cafe and NBA City, I was told to just use my room key for priority seating. I figure I will see the Concierge in the morning for the evening I want to go to Hard Rock or NBA. That's my plan...


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