Spring 2022 DCP Applications

Shannon G

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Oct 12, 2001
DD got her acceptance this morning! She’s working to quickly set up a meeting with her advisor before making her acceptance decision. If she accepts, her start date will be 1/24.


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Mar 30, 2008
Great news! Congrats!!
Congrats! My DD just saw hers about 15 minutes ago (between school and work)! So, no time to talk or think, but she's going to try to see her advisor tomorrow and the start date she put on her application was 1/17 (I think!).

She wanted to do the culinary program but was not accepted a few months ago. It made her realize she wanted to go no matter the role.


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Jan 1, 2002
DD got accepted yesterday, she will start some time in March and stay until August. She's already paid the deposit and completed the paperwork. She is also interviewing for internships (you can do both!)

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