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    I was wondering if we get to the Wonder (3 night) by 12pm we will be able to get Palo and Castway Cay cabana massage reservations? I guess they go quickly on the 3 night! We will be coming from the Polynesian Thursday morning and I was hoping we could eat breakfast in the concierge lounge then head over to the MK for a few hours and then leave for the Wonder around 11am. What do you all think? Should we leave at 10am to be safer? I don't want to be waiting around to board either. We have the UPH's so we may as well get a few hours at MK. We are doing the 7 for 4 deal so we only paid for 4 nights/5 days of UPH's- can't take a day off:) Oh- we are going in October.
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    The ressies should start being taken around 1 or 1:30, so technically you could make it. The ship usually starts boarding between 11:45 and 12:15, so even if you were at the end of the line, hopefully you would be on board by 1. You'd be cutting it close, but it is possible.
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