Someone PLEASE explain Pirate/Princess Party to me??!!

Discussion in 'Theme Parks Attractions and Strategies' started by AllisonG, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. AllisonG

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    Sep 7, 1999
    OK, I saw on Deb Wills site what dates the parties are available and then I read the description. Now I don't know if it's lack of sleep because of our new baby but I am just not getting the gist of it. :confused3 Can someone please explain them to me??!! and The whole point of them??
    Thanks so much for your time and patience.! I know, I know, I'm slow! :crazy:
  2. jcemom

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    Mar 23, 2003
    I'd guess the whole point is for WDW to pull in more people and make more money at a traditionally slow time of year. :teeth:

    It seems to me that they'll be modeled after the the Halloween and Christmas parties. It's an after-hours, hard-ticketed event geared towards those of us (young and not-so-young) who like to fancy ourselves pirates and/or princesses. I'm planning to take my then 4 year old DD. She's definitely a princess, but also loves anything to do with pirates and treasures. Personally, I am hoping to see some characters we don't typically get to meet...maybe some of the princes, or princess Minnie, pirate Mickey, etc. I'm also looking forward to the special parade and fireworks they're planning just for the parties. If they're as good as the MNSSHP fireworks I'll consider it worth the cost of my ticket. ;)

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