Solo Trip-first time flying alone!


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Apr 23, 2015
This trip was May 17-21 And some crazy stuff happened!
I am from Canada and flew from Buffalo to Orlando. I have never gone far alone, I've never taken a subway alone much less a plane.
I booked an Uber to come early and take me to the Buffalo airport straight from work, I ordered a day in advance. The day of my driver comes, seems nice. When we get to the boarder he tells me he forgot his passport and LEAVES ME AT THE DUTY-FREE!
With the help of staff, I get a driver to take me the rest of the way.
My troubles didn't stop there, when I got to the airport I realized I forgot my debit card!
Normally that would have ruined my trip but luckily I had my fiance's credit card! So I was able to use that in conjunction with apps linked to my banking through my phone.
I arrived in Orlando around 9 pm and went and checked into my first Airbnb.

The next morning I woke up bright and early!
Got ready and headed to MK!
Being alone allowed me to get through crowds and from A-B really fast! I missed rope drop but was able to play sorcerer's, rude haunted mansion, it's a small world and watch majesty makers all before 11 am!
After some wandering and dole whip I caught a bus to AK.
At AK I explored more than I had time to on my last visit and did a lot of photo stops.
For lunch, I went to Satu'il Canteen for the tofu bowl! I loved the theming and food quality, but the onion vinaigrette was not my taste.
After lunch, I braved the line to flight of passage which was torturous because I missed the memo that you can leave to pee and come back.
The ride itself while short was surprising worth the long wait, it was AMAZING!
Unfortunately afterwards the heat finally started to get this lil Canadian. I felt so sick!
2 CMs sent me to first aid where I was given pepto and water and put in a nap room lol After a 45 min nap I was ok to leave, I rode the safari and then accepted that I was indeed, too sick to finish my day :(
So at only 4pm ish I headed back to my airbnb where I slept for almost 13 hours!!!
The next day, nice and refreshed I headed over to EPCOT!
EPCOT is the only park I didn't get to see all of on my last visit.
As soon as I entered I stopped for a photopass with spaceship earth before slowly exploring the park.
I stopped at pretty much every photo stop and found the lines quite short! I met Lots of characters, the best though was in line to meet mickey, goofy & pluto I was "adopted" by the family in front of me and now Grandpa has a picture of me on his memory maker LOL (would love to find him)
It was also the flower and garden festival so I got to see all the plants and the butterfly garden. The best thing I ate was the pudding terrarium ! and it was so cute!!
At night a took a boat to HS and watched the night time star wars show! It was AMAZING!
The next day I head back to HS for a full day there!
First thing in the morning I spotted 2 baby ducks and their mommy, mommy jumped into the gardens and her little babies couldn't jump high enough. Kids were starting to come try to see the ducks, so I jumped into action! I scooped up baby 1 and put her into the garden and then baby 2, as I was putting baby 2 into the grass with mommy a CM saw and thought I was trying to steal the duck! Lucky for me a lady who watched everything happen ran ovver and explained I saved the ducks!
At this the CM became SUPER nice and apologetic, he made me a duck hero pin and even gave me a fastpass to toy story mania!
So of course I headed over to toy story land! After a quick lunch at woodys lunchbox I braved the line for slinky dog (Not worth an hour in florida heat btw) and then used my FP to toy story mania! by the end f that the heat was getting to me so I went inside to meet all the star wars characters.
I had a long day in the heat and left around 4 when I couldn't take it anymore lol
My last day was spent with friends outside of the parks.


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May 26, 2003
I love traveling solo (well I've only done it once but it's interesting the different style of visiting the parks solo vs family/friends). You are so brave especially with the incident with the Uber driver at the boarder. I'm not sure I'd be as brave staying at an Airbnb alone but sounds like you had a great trip overall (except for the heat). How sweet that you saved those baby ducks and glad the CM gave you recognition.


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