so how much money am I looking at for new front brakes?


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Jan 14, 2001
I'm preparing for the worst! I'm assuming I'll need the whole thing...pads, rotors, and whatever else.

All of a sudden, my car went from not even making any squeaking noises, to making this really awful grinding sound when I stop!! :guilty:

Sooo, what's the most you've paid?


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Feb 16, 2000
Paid $250+ last year - this year, since the rear brakes were shot, and the front brakes were doing all the work stopping the car, I had to replace front AND rear - to the tune of $500. :faint:


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Jul 11, 2003
I just had my breaks done on my Saturn. I paid $400 and had it done at the dealer.


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Mar 24, 2001
Depending on the car, between $300 and $500 for pads and rotors. If you need the calipers as well it could be more. DH's pads and rotors for his Explorer was $400 last year...

Just make sure you go ASAP... my breaks suddenly went grindy on me (yeah they were "squealing" before) and I made an appointment for a few days later to get them done. I still had to drive to work but took it easy on the brakes. Wouldn't you know, on my way to work the day of the appt. they gave out completely and when I towed it in the rear drums had given up as well and I needed a complete brake job to the tune of $1200, including the master cylinder. Considering the car is worth about $1600 and it's paid for we didn't do the job and sold it to carmax and bought a new one!


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Jul 23, 2003
Where are you getting brakes done for that much money. The local oil change places around her will do all 4 wheels for $99.00. Better yet if you have any mechanical skills it is very easy to do yourself. Did my durango last week (brake pads only), all 4 pads were $59.99 at Autozone and it took about 1 hour to change them all.


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Jan 17, 2005
$520.00 for new pads & rotars on my Expedition.


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