So close, but yet so far away!


DIS Veteran
Apr 29, 2001
It just doesn't make sense to me.

Summer seems to be zipping by so quickly.
But if that is true, why does our summer WDW trip still seem so far away?!
We're at 47 days and counting til our trip--but it feels like those days are crawling.

Anyone else losing patience waiting for their WDW vacation to get here?!
You betcha! I always feel that way.

My husband laughs at me on how I count down the days. You don't count today and you don't count the day you leave for vacation. You just count the days in between. He says I am wrong. I say I'm right!

We got back from a glorious 10 day stay at the CBR about 2:45 a.m. on June 10th. Our drive home is 14 hours which gave us a lot of time to plan our 2008 vacation. Our 2007 vacation was our 12th trip to WDW in just 10 years time and we still get pumped up planning our next trip.

Now, I just have to wait until the 2008 package rates come out!:rolleyes1 Already counting down the days to May 29, 2008!

Have a super trip!
we've got 31 days to go and I'm fit to bust!! However, I love summer and don't want it to go by fast so in that sense I'm glad it feels like it's taking forever to get to our trip. I sure hate it when summer is over! We usually go earlier in the year but couldn't this year for work-related reasons. This waiting until July 24th is killing me. But, we're actually starting our vacation July 22...we're driving down to St. Augustine for a couple of nights before we go to Disney - BEACH CLUB BABY! 7 whole nights. I can't wait.

Enjoy the time. Watch DVD's and shows about Disney, look at your pictures, plan your itinerary. The excitement leading up to the trip is half the fun.

I wish I was you guys with less than 50 days to go!!!!
Over 100 is much more rough.
It will come!!!!

I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that way. I think it's gonig by even slower for me because I have two things to look foward to - the wedding and Disneymoon! Ugh...43 days and counting!:sad2:


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