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Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by tampapirate, Sep 9, 2003.

  1. tampapirate

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    May 20, 2002
    I was planning on taking the family to Colorado in mid-April (week after Easter) for skiing on my DVC points. Has anyone stayed at a "DVC" resort in Colorado that late in the year and still had snow? Or if you had suggestions on where to stay and still have snow.:smooth:
  2. dvc_john

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    Nov 1, 2000
    It all really depends on the snowfall this winter. I was there in April 2002, which I believe was a minimal snowfall year. I was in Breckenridge from about April 12 thru 20th.
    Beaver Creek had already closed. The weekend of April 13-14 was the last weekend for Vail and I believe Copper Mountain. Keystone and Breckenridge were both open thru the weekend of April 20-21. And Arapahoe Basin is usually open into June/July. Remember ski conditions will vary greatly. In the morning it can be icy. And as the day warms up, it can turn a little slushy. Then as it starts to get colder, it can get icy again. And, as runs deterioate they will be closed. I believe Breckenridge was maybe 40% open when I was there. But with a good snowfall year, they may be open later and have better skiing.
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    Mar 15, 2003
    Most of the areas close mid April. They usually do not close because of a lack of snow but because it is not profitable for the mountain to remain open. Many of the mountains hire seasonal workers who have to go back home in early April.

    April is good skiing most of the time but it does get really slushy on the lower portions of the mountain. The upper areas of many of the mountains still have ok snow. Just as an FYI we are already getting snow at the top of the mountains.

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