Signing up for Jedi training- how difficult is it?

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    DHS usually allows guests with ADRs to enter by 7:45a. Plan to enter at that time and 1 adult and the JTA child can head to sign-up for a session while the rest of the group checks in at H&V.
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    I thought I would share our experience on Friday, March 9 (spoiler worked out great!)
    We left our room at BRV at 7:30am (park opening at 9). We were in the car and headed to HS by 7:40. At the parking lot by 7:50. Walked to the front gates (we noticed the secret sidewalk security entrance is now closed to guests and must be for CM's only so we had to walk all the way around where the buses drop off). We were at the tapstyles by 8:00. The ones on the left were about 3 or 4 families deep so we went to one on the right and were 2nd in line. At 8:35 they opened the tapstyles. We were in and I took my 3 jedis by the hand and walked briskly to signups. DH was behind with the baby and stroller. We were 3rd in line at the signups. There was a CM holding a sign for Jedi training and we lined up behind him. About 8:40 he walked us over to the outpost to sign up. They had 2 stations going. There were a couple of families signing up already, probably from PPO's. We got signed up quickly and the CM mentioned the first show available was 9:40 so we pretty much had our choice. We chose the 12:40 show. By the time we were done DH and DS2 were waiting on a bench. There was the crowd gathered on Hollywood Blvd but also a small crowd gathered behind the Keystone Clothiers shop in front of Echo lake. We decided to wait with that crowd. About 8:50 they started walking us to TSM. Our small line merged with the line on Hollywood Blvd. We followed the CM's to Toy Story and dropped our stroller at stroller parking on the left. It started getting congested at this point and since we had a TSM FP for later we decided to meet BUzz and Woody. We were out of there by 8:58 and the line had actually thinned out for TSM so we decided to get in line. We waited 15 minutes and the CM's were shocked at the low wait. After that DH took the 2 oldest boys to Star Tours and I took the 2 youngest to the 9:40 Disney Jr show. We then met up for the FRozen show at 10:30. We then had lunch at 50s PT at 11. Our food took a bit to get there so I took the 3 kids to Jedi Training at 12:05 while DH stayed and settled the bill. I noticed they changed sign in process and the "dots". Parents stayed out of the area and the CM's directed the kids as to which row of dots to sit in. The one in front fought Vader and the one in back Kylor Ren. After the 12:40 show my parents took the 2 boys to Indiana Jones at 1:15 and I took the others to meet Olaf. We then met back up again for our TSM FP and headed out after that!
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    If you can't make it early enough to sign up for your preferred time, they also offer "standby" for the Jedi Training. On our last visit March 3, I didn't even think about signing my kids up until after we had ridden Star Tours 2x, so maybe 45 minutes after the park opened. They didn't have any shows with openings early enough for us, but they put us on the standby list. Basically they take your name and give you a ticket with a number on it. You come back 20 minutes prior to any show you want, and IF they have no-shows they will call people from off the standby list. We ended up going to ride ToT and then coming back at 10:45 and got called for the 11:10 am show. The downside is that you do have to be there waiting for the particular show you're hoping for, but if your kids really want to do it and you can't get the time you want, it is an option.
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    Thank you for sharing! I'm really hoping I can get my son signed up for our upcoming trip. I'll try to follow that same timeline.
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