Shanghai Disneyland Annual Pass

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    Mar 18, 2018
    You can now buy an Annual Pass for SHDL:

    The terms are a bit weird compared to those at other parks. There's three tiers which are priced as follows for adults:

    Sunday: 1299 RMB
    Weekday+Sunday: 1599 RMB
    Anyday: 3299 RMB

    The blockout calendar is only out till May but there are also some Sunday and weekdays that are blocked out for the lower tier passes. The passes give 20% off most stuff and the Anyday pass grants 12 days of early entry. Your pass expires 380 days from the date of purchase.

    One day tickets are 399 to 665 RMB depending on day so you'd need to visit 3-4 times to break even on the lower tier passes and an addition 3-5 times on black out days to break even for the anyday pass. If you don't live in Shanghai but visit often or for an extended period of time, I think the Weekday + Sunday pass could make sense.
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    February 3-9 is Chinese New Year week, a big holiday there

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