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Earning My Ears
Feb 4, 2002
We will be on our 1st cruise ever June 27th, 2002 3 day Wonder.

Since Sept 11th, the airports have increased all security measures, so just wondering what and if the cruise line has for security--metal detectors, baggage inspections, etc.

Any info would be greatly appreciated!!

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On our january cruise, there was a metal detector to walk through, and a dog sniffing for who knows......
I'll probably get "attacked" like I did last time I said this, but I'll say it again. Last October when we went, I wasn't at all thrilled with security, or should I say LACK of.. When we boarded, they had "bomb/drug sniffing dog" which I like to call a puppy for all the kiddies to pet, and make adults live in a fantasy world of hight security. It didn't sniff anyone, it LITERALLY was a very young pup, who may have been there just to give people peace of mind, but it didn't give me any, I don't like to lie to myself. MOST of the trip was fine, the DISNEY crew always checked our KTTW cards and drivers licenses. But the CUSTOMS officials?? What a TOTAL JOKE. Our trip itinerary was different due to some bad weather, but trust me, it happened like this. We went to Castaway Cay Sunday FIRST, and San Juan, Puerto Rico either Monday or Tuesday. When we got to San Juan, we had to go through customs ( my hubby isn't citizen) and the agent did NOT look at our papers AT ALL. He stamped my hubby's passport, but he didn't look at it. It could have been some woman's and he wpould not have known. And when it was time for me to show him by birth cert., ( it was inside this little teeny envelope) I went to take it out, and he put up his hand, and said, "No, it's ok.." He didn't speak to good of english to begin with, but I asked, don't you need to see these? He said "NO!, go on..." sort of sternly and rude.. And later on that evening, my little group of people I was with wanted to go buy some souvenier Puerto Rican liquer, so we went to go get back off the ship to go to the little shops, and as we were getting OFF, a Disney Crew official, not sure who he was but I had seen him alot before, and he was someone "in charge", but he was bringing on SEVERAL men in regular clothes who were of middle eastern discent ( DON'T freak out people, I'm not a racist, but this was soon after Sept. 11, and I was NERVOUS to say the least, I had just heard onCNn about a possible plot to blow up cruise ships that morning..) And these men didn't show ANY I.D., and they walked AROUND the metal detectors. I was VERY upset, and I went around asking ALOT of people who they were and why were they on the ship. No one knew. I even waited until MUCH later, to give them time to maybe find out, and I went back to guest relations desk and asked again, and still no one knew. I never figured out who they were EVER. When I posted about this experience before, people got mad that I was "shaking their false sense of security" or something, and others tried to raltionalize they may have been Customs. No, they weren't customs. The Customs guys were big badged that say Customs. So, maybe this was a ONE time only thing, but I like to tell people about it, so if they see similar happenings on their trip, maybe they can complain as well and keep it from happening again.
We have actually felt more secure in the port than at the airport! On our three cruises since 9/11, we have seen a sniffer DOG, not puppy, and the children are instructed NOT to pet it because it is working. I have been asked to turn on my cell phone, which they never ask in the airport, and on our last trip our carry-on beach bag was searched because little pieces of metal were showing up on the x-ray. Ironically, even after unpacking and checking the whole bag, they never figured out what the metal is. I thought maybe it was bobby pins, but there weren't any in there. The bags was thoroughly searched before we were allowed to proceed. Of course, we would be the most unlikely candidates to want to blow up the ship, since we have 14 more cruises booked!
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Well, Like I said before, Maybe my experience was a one time thing, as it was pretty soon after 9/11 and maybe they weren't totally used to all the new security measure, but I swear, I swear, what happened to us is the absolute truth. We did have puppy, seriously- and every kid that walked past it petted it. It sat there, didn't even stand. My daughter went to pet it, and I told her not to, that you arent supposed to pet the sniffing dogs, in hopes the girl who was allowing that would hear me and stop it.. Anyways, what happened really did happen... Sounds like things are better now, I hope.
Ours was a full grown dog, and we were also told not to touch/pet/reach for it. It stood there as we walked past it. If I understand correctly, the dogs are trained to be passive unless they smell what they are trained for. Their noses are extemely sensitive. Then they give their alert signal (bark, wag, sit....). At one point, while we were waiting to board at Port Canaveral, they stopped the line.....I assumed it was something with the dog....either it gave an alert they needed to check or someone petted it. It was after that, that the cm began telling us to ignore the dog.
i'm not sure that the czech explosive is 'sniffable'....
i forgot what it's called....simtex....or something like that.....and it takes very little......a lot of bang for your buck so to speak...
and of course anyone could leave behind anthrax if they wanted...
you wouldn't find it when they boarded .....
lots of other dastardly things they could do and easy enough to do them if they want to...
i have to assume that disney is a major target...
is it a matter of time?.....who knows....
actually, what am i talking about...
cruise ships have already been a target....long ago....
when was the achilli lauro?....years and years ago....
probably WDW is higher on their list of preferred targets...
While we were in port there were security boats riding up and down the front of the ships at dock the whole time.

I guess they were afraid someone would ram the boats or something.

A friend of mine just got off another cruise ship and she said her ship was being swoped down on by an airplane. She said she felt like she could have reached out and touched the plane it was so close. It happen twice. She said everyone on board was quite upset.

I am happy with what ever they want to do to try and make sure we are all safe.

It is not a unconvience - it is okay with me.

So are you vulnerable once you leave the 12 mile limit the coast guard protects?


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