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Jan 29, 2000
DH is taking the day off tomorrow and going on his second school trip this year with DS and DS is so excited. This got me to thinking how many dads out there go on field trips with their kids?
And moms, do you go on all the trips with your kids, some of the trips, or none at all?
My DH is the field trip person because he gets more time than me off from work so he is able to take a vacation day or personal day with no problems.

DD and DS have requested that we do not go on field trips with them anymore, they feel they are too old to have us tag along with them and god forbid we embarass them . . .lol
I used to go on most of the field trips with both girls. Not so much anymore.
Originally posted by Wish Upon A Star
My DH is the field trip person because he gets more time than me off from work so he is able to take a vacation day or personal day with no problems.

DD and DS have requested that we do not go on field trips with them anymore, they feel they are too old to have us tag along with them and god forbid we embarass them . . .lol

I am curious, how old are your children? My son especially asked for dad to go, but he is only in first grade.

DH went with DD on a number of field trips. The place we worked at was very flexible with giving time & the school had trouble getting men to go along (for bathroom trips etc.) Most times it wasn't really an option for me to go as I have difficulty walking distances.

DD is in 6th grade this year & if it was up to her, she'd still like one of us to go along. However, most of her friends were mortified when their parents went along . . . starting in 2nd grade! :rolleyes: Some of these same girls make me want to wash their mouths out with soap for the way they talk to their parents IN PUBLIC now! DD finds it offensive enough that she's found other friends. So my point is that it varies from child to child.

Tiggerlover -

DD is going into 9th Grade (almost 14) and DS going into 5th Grade (almost 10).

DH has not gone on any field trips for DS this year at all.
So many parents want to go on the field trips that DD's teacher puts the names in a hat and choses that way. I got picked for the last one. Once you've gone on one, she takes your name out of the pool. They are going to the zoo in a few weeks. DD is excited and the class is excited to find out which mommies and daddies they get to go with.

This last time there were 2 moms and 3 dads. It was nice because it meant the male teachers got a little break from bathroom duty for all the boys. A little more manageable.

My DH has also taken time off of work to spend on field trips. The teachers usually make a big deal out of it....apparently most dad's do not. I've gone on a few. Mostly in pre-school & kindergarten. Have not done a 2nd grade trip this year. Next year for certain.:D
I went on "most" field trips during the elemntary, middle school years.
DH went on about 1 a year. He would have liked to have gone on more. They younger kids seem to really like having dad's go along.

DH also always helped at the school fair.
My oldest ds--now a freshman--hasnt really had any field trips since 7th grade. Then he did want me to go but I didnt speak much and I ate lunch with the teachers. DS #2 however has always wanted me to go, he doesnt mind being seen around town with mom. He is 7th grade this year and has only had a couple of field trips I didnt get to go because I didnt have anyone to watch my 3 yr old and 1 yr old, but he wouldnt have minded me being there.
I usually go. Dh went once on ds#2's 1st grade zoo trip. I have to tell you though that I gave a really good run down ahead of time of what his responsibilities would be. As a teacher and then as a parent, I've seen some Dad's who were into letting the kids have their fun. I'm not getting down on Dad's - it's just been my experience that they let a few too many things slide trying to be the fun guy. When I was teaching 1st, I had a Dad teaching the kids how to make obnoxious noises on the bus. He was a nice guy and was willing to laugh at himself when I gave him my best "teacher look", but geez! When I was student teaching I had a Dad who kept losing his children.

I really, really am not down on Dad's. I love the fact that many go on field trips. I just couldn't resist adding my experiences.
I'm all booked up for all the functions with school, not only for field trip day , also for field day, picnic day and finale day.
I seem to be the one always there, on the last party there was nobody helping out so it was just the teacher and I to manage 19 kids. That's only in Kindergarten, funny thing is there are 3 kindergarten classes and I bounce from one class to the next as needed. We never have a problem for volunteers fof field trips though!
Help me, I'm going to a candy factory on this trip! Do you think I can make it without getting any candy that day ?
Firld trip? What's a Field Trip? Oh, I know, my DD class went to the nearby forest preserve to collect litter...she's 7th grade. Ds went to the local H.S. He's in 3rd. There you have it. And we;re considered a wealthy school district.:rolleyes: The really sad part is we are only 45 min. from all the great museums in Chicago. My kids have never gone to any them on a Field trip. What a waste.
I've been on 2 or 3 already just with DD's PreK. DH has not been on any. I'm going on another next week with DD to Santa's Village (don't see the educational foundation for that but, oh well).

Ex did and, still does go with DS, who's a freshman in HS now. Overnight trips, too. He got more time with my DS and, I didn't have to go. ;)
When the boys were in primary school I used to go on nearly all their excursions with them, but now that they are both in high school they rarely have parents tagging along.:(
I go on all Field Trips my DD is in 4h grade. I also do Field Day, Car Riders, Book Fair most years, and anything else they send my way. I have noticed that we have a parent who brings her two teenagers on all of the trips this year :confused: that seems rude to me. We have enough to handle without having to wait while she pays their way in. Dad never goes as he has no sick days or personal days ever. Alas being the only mechanic on the job with 150 pieces he can't stay out even if he wants.


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