rrrrg! Blink


Jun 4, 2001
I just started back doing the reward programs. This used to by my fav but today I only made 585 points. Is this right or has something changed? If that is all that I am getting I will probably get enough to cash out and not continue! It would be a waste of time IMO or maybe I wont do it until it gets better?

Anyone have any suggestions? How are Milesource & Treasure Surfing (i know I tried TS but the site was down)?
Blink is going through some trouble I'm afraid.But i keep thinking about in december when i cashed out for $30.00 in gc. and had them in a week I'll keep clicking........and hoping!!
milesource I love easy to get points just takes a while to add up! treasure surfing i know nothing about so mabey someone else can help you with that one ,have a great day !


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