Room at Ap rate as gift??

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    Mar 24, 2001
    Can I prepay a room at WDW with my AP discount for my brother and his family? We are staying DVC and they are staying off-property for the week at a timeshare and just realized they are short one night. I would like to pay for their room (somewhere close to us at BWV). Is this allowed? ::MinnieMo
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    Jan 25, 2001
    Yes, but you will have to be with them at check-in, or what they let me do, was, check in that day, prepay, put the guests name on with mine, and leave a key at the desk for the guest. They had to show ID to get the key.
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    We have pre-paid our room many times, so that is no problem. As far as the AP rate, we have never been asked to show our AP at check in! :eek: This is over nine trips in four years. However, some people have reported having to show their AP at check in. For various reasons, I really wish they would ask at check in! I wonder how many people have gotten the AP rate without actually having an AP?

    It is really wonderful that you are spreading the Disney magic to your brother and his family!!!

    Have a fantastic trip! :sunny:

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