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After buying my first DVC contract direct from Disney in early January (Riviera), I have come down with a bad case of Add-On-Itis ...

BeachGuy---$152-$37001-220-VGF-Sep-0/22, 48/23, 220/24, 220/25- sent 2/7

BeachGuy---$152-$24930-150-VGF-Sep-0/22, 150/23, 150/24, 150/25- sent 2/1

BeachGuy---$142-$31041-200-PVB-Dec-0/22, 204/23, 200/24, 200/25- sent 2/5

My third contract just passed ROFR, giving me a total of 370 VGF points ...

BeachGuy---$152-$37001-220-VGF-Sep-0/22, 48/23, 220/24, 220/25- sent 2/7, passed 2/26

That's crazy!! I just looked up a 1-bedroom suite on youtube and it doesn't look nearly as good as the 1 bedroom villa. No kitchen, no laundry, no second thanks!!
Some 1-bedroom suites have two bathrooms. I was switched to a 1-bedroom suite (4116) and it was two connected hotel room with one room as the bedroom and the other the living room. Each section had a bathroom. It still didn't have a kitchen or laundry, so the villas are still better. I can't wait to finish closing and book my first stay!

Nicely versus historical but I still can't get the valuation to work in any of my models. I love Grand Cal but my math always comes back to "just pay cash to stay at Grand Cal."

(Especially if you're a fan of daily housekeeping, as I am.)
Daily housekeeping plus nightly turndown service 😎
What do you mean by subsidized? Still learning.
Subsidized dues means that Disney makes up the difference in the annual dues. For AUL regular dues are $9.76/point this year, subsidized is $7.34/point. It is about a 25% discount.
For VGC? I feel like VGC always gets through ROFR quickly as Disney almost never takes them back.
Mine is a BWV - not actually worried about ROFR at what I paid ($140/pp), just wanted to get it thru Escrow and I think it's an International seller ... to be honest, I might not have made a full priced offer had I known that, I've seen too many ridiculous delays with Sellers who have trouble with Deed requirements when they are not US based. To be fair, I've gotten frustrated with US based Sellers who seem incapable of getting something Notarized and documents returned in a timely manner ... when that happens, I remember why people with $ go direct ;)
What do you mean by subsidized? Still learning.

Subsidized dues are cheaper. but much fewer of those contracts are available for sale, but nice if you find the right one.
I'm interested in a deeper understanding here.

Can anyone explain an example of this and how it would affect the dues price? My calculations are usually drug way down by the long-term (and yearly) cost of the dues per year over time. And it usually is the reason my wife and I end up at BLT or VGF. I'd love to understand how this affects yearly dues and any examples that I could go and look at.

Thanks in advance!
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