Restaurant Suggestions Near Disney Property?


Apr 30, 2001
Head to Celebration and try Columbia Restaurant (649 Front Street, Celebration, FL); it is absolutely amazing. Also, if you head towards Orlando, we love Nona Blue Modern Tavern (9685 Lake Nona Village Place Dr, Orlando, FL) - this one is partially owned by Graeme McDowell the golfer - wonderful food.

  • Disneyfan754321

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    Feb 19, 2019
    We just ate at chili’s outside of Disney springs. For $10 got a drink, app and entree
    We went to the one on Idrive.. 2 for $25 :)
    My kids look forward to friendly on I drive every year. We use to always go to Tony romas:( sadly closed:(
    This year we are all about Trex, Rainforest and Yak and yeti.... probably because I got a good deal on Landrys GC at Sam's club. $90 for $67 + Landry club


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    Aug 6, 2005
    We were just at WDW and ordered Chevy's to go. We don't have one here in TN but use to when we lived in CA. Love and miss it. Did Taco Bell too which is in the same shopping center. Polite Pig at DTD is another option for to-go food that's good.


    Sep 27, 2007
    Sorry I did not see this sooner but others may like it. It is Latin American restaurant located at 8687 W. Irlo Bronson Blvd. Just head out past the Super Target and go maybe another mile on the right. Great food, Arepas and empanadas are outstanding as well as the Tres leches cake. The starters and breakfast also looked really good. My wife had the Patacon which she said was outstanding. Hope the OP had a great trip.
  • sssteele

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    Jun 28, 2004
    Texas Roadhouse for steak, Carrabbas for Italian. Lots of choices near Animal Kingdom Lodge.


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    Apr 23, 2009
    We arrive on Sunday to the World, staying at the Contemporary for 9 nights. Obviously, this trip will be a bit different than we're used to and we're totally cool with it, but one thing we're concerned about is a lack of food options. We'll have a car so we can drive off property to pick up food if we want, but I have to admit that all the times we've been to Disney, we never really ventured off property. I don't know much about restaurants near Disney and Googling it simply returns a bunch of Disney restaurants. Does anyone have any suggestions for great places we can get takeout while there? Thanks!
    You never REALLY ventured off property? Or is it that you NEVER ventured off property. All I can say is be ready to be surprised at what exists outside of that bubble. Personally, I can't imagine a "Disney Only" when the area has so much more to offer. If you have young kids in your party, I highly recommend Steak N Shake. Their combo meals are very inexpensive, very good in taste(cooked fresh to order). The milkshakes are fantastic and they do have a drive thru. Then there is Chick-Fil-A which is right outside the gates on the Rt 535. Really, all you need to do is go outside the bubble and drive. You will run into plenty of restaurants regardless. Don't be intimidated at getting lost. No matter where you go, all roads have a sign to get you back to Disney.
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