Restaurant reservations?


DIS Veteran
Nov 19, 1999
Do the restaurants at US, IOS and City Walk require reservations. Do they offer anything like DW does for guests staying on site like priority seating? Please share details including procedures. Thank you. :)
They do have priority seating for on site guests. I never make reservations since when I'm on vacation I hate being on a schedule. But it depends when you go & how many people in your party. Some do take reservations
Hard Rock Cafe had it's all access card which you buy & that gives you next available seating which has come in handy a few times!
Emeril's and Latin Quarter take reservations..even as a resort guest..I make reservations...they are both very popular and always very busy...very hard to get in without a reservation

Call 1-800-uescape...they can give you the number to call to make reservations at each restaurant.....both are outstanding!


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