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    Sep 29, 2006
    JUST making this clear, me and my DB are 19..but i was brought up on disney, living right down the rode from DL and always going to fl or WDW. I've known it since i was 9 months old. So I am OBSESSED WITH IT!
    So we just got back from my birthday at disney, but are planning a VERY SHORT trip in december, and its value till december 19 or something so i was thinking, 2 nights at animal kingdom, or something with a club level. Now, just wondering ya'll is the club level worth our money? IF NOT! Which hotel should we stay at? Ive already been to POR, POFQ, CSR, WL, and FW. I sorta want to stay at the deluxe resorts but im just afraid to spend the money. I need some help! Give me some insight!
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    Apr 28, 2001
    I live in California also and go to Disneyworld since 1983. If you want to try a great concierge level room and location than check out my page on the Polynesian and click on the concierge page.



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