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Sep 19, 2001
Did you guys see that in the replies column that the number is underlined? If you click on that number you can see who has replied to the thread before you read it! Isn't that cool?:D
I noticed another new feature under the forum jump. Just above search is a new bar called "who's online". You can see everyone online and see what they are doing, reading a particular thread or surfing the boards. Pretty neat!
Getting some cool features on this board! Earlier this afternoon I noticed across the top of Dis Cruise forum a 'List of users browsing', but now mine has disappeared.

:( Mine's gone too, 4nana. I thought that was pretty cool. Wonder if they'll put it back up?
They've always had, and still have, a list on the front page of the disboards showing who's on right now. But that's across all boards rather than this specific board. I noticed that new feature on this board earlier today, but I suspect they decided to turn it off at the request of some folks who prefer to lurk unannounced.
That is correct, Dave, that feature was turned off.

We did have an upgarde to the board software, so enjoy the rest of the new features. :)

If I'm not mistaken, you do have the option under 'edit profile' by checking 'yes' to 'invisible mode' to surf all forums w/o appearing on logged in user list. :smooth:
Another new feature is that all Moderator's names are now shown in bold letters on the "logged in" list on the forums main page! :) :)
Okay, here's my stupid question. "How do I read the next thread and have it 'viewed\purple' without going back to "Disney Cruise Line Forum" every time?" Ugh, is it just me being stupid? Last thread/New Thread doesn't show I've looked at them.

Kim ºOº
Is the "search" functionality gone now? When I try it, it says that it has been disabled by the administrator.
kshabare, when you view a thread by clicking on the "Go to the first new post" button or the "Go to the last post" button, you're using a link that's an image file rather than a text link. Image links can't change color unlike text links.

KAMLEM1, the search functionality has been out of order for a couple weeks. We hope it will come back, but it's pretty tricky because of the sheer volume of messages on the DIS boards.


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