renaissance world gate


Jun 15, 2000
Just got this hotel for $50 for 1 night on priceline. Has anyone ever stayed there? How is it?
This hotel was a Doubletree until about 6 months ago. It also just came up on my Priceline board today. I haven't seen it come up for about a year (when it was the Doubletree). It went through an extensive renovation last year and should be quite nice.
thanks travelsheryl what would we do without you? now,know anything about the Amerisuites airport northwest got that for $40 for 1 night.Look on website looks pretty good
That's a new one on me. We typically see 3* bidding in that zone and I believe Priceline rates Amerisuites 2-1/2*.

Comments about Amerisuites in other cities have been very positive. I believe (check their website to make sure) that they serve a complimentary breakfast.


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