Raspberry Ketone?

Discussion in 'W.I.S.H' started by sallysmom, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. sallysmom

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    Apr 13, 2005
    Anyone heard of using Raspberry Ketone? I read a story about Rachel Ray losing weight and then saw Dr. Oz endorsing it as well. Anyone have any insider info? Can you get it in a health food store? Does it really work to help lose weight?
  2. 50sjayne

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    Oct 16, 2007
    I've been taking it twice a day for the last few months and I haven't really noticed a difference. Seems like the stuff i got online was better than the ones I got marked down at the grocery store. Think I'll still take it but I don't know if I'll buy more when I run out.
  3. indygirl99

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    Mar 16, 2012
    I finally came to the conclusion if I used everything Dr Oz suggested I would never have room for actual food in my stomach. Maybe I would discard more weight that way. :lmao:

    We are all an experiment of one, what works for me may not for you.

    The best advise I can give, and use myself as a nurse, is research on a reputable site like webMD, get the information to make an informed decision.
    Then if it sound like something you are willing to give a trial go for it.
    Some things that sound really crazy actually work for some people but not others.

    Most new things need a good 2-3 month trail to know if they are really going to work. Make sure there is no interaction with any perscription meds, your pharmacisit will be able to tell you this, and go for it.

    If you develop weird symptoms, rash shortness of breath those kind of things then of course stop immediately and do contact your MD. An example: I am allergic to latex and was trying a new hair treatment system and had a pretty severe rash and wheezing. Come to find out that the main ingredient of this shampoo was made from a tropical plant similar to the rubber tree and it agrivated my latex allergy. Bad for me but good for my friend who got gifted the shampoo and other stuff.

    So do some resaerch and then plese come back and let us know what your experience is.
  4. Earl Of Sandwich

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    Feb 24, 2013
    At present, I am maintaining a weight loss of about 87 pounds.

    I lost weight by eating real food that nourished me and satisfied my hunger, and by doing physical activity which I enjoyed.

    My general sense is that raspberry ketones are probably a scam. There is no clinical evidence that it is effective for weight loss in humans. When rats were fed a dose of raspberry ketones at a rate 238 times higher than the estimated intake for humans, they did not lose weight. A group of mice were fed raspberry ketones amounting to 2% of their body weight (about 4,761 times the estimated human intake), and they did not gain weight from a high-fat diet. But that would be the equivalent of a 200 pound human eating 4 pounds of raspberry ketones per day.

    On Amazon, raspberry ketones sell for about $500 per pound, so it would take about $1,000 per day of raspberry ketones to get this same effect. Or, just don't eat so much.

    I have personally found raspberries themselves to be an effective food for weight loss. Raspberries are very high in fiber and relatively low in sugar as fruits go. My personal eating style was to combine natural sources of fat, fiber and protein into a satisfying meal which would switch off my hunger for many hours.

    Using raspberries as a fiber source, I would probably use something like almonds as a fat source, and Greek yogurt as a protein source (I give bonus points to naturally fermented foods containing live active cultures). So, a small container of plain Greek yogurt, and some almonds, and some raspberries would probably do the trick. I might add lemon or ginger to the yogurt for additional flavor and nutrients.

    Raspberry also goes well with goat cheese, so I might simply eat a handful of raspberries with a hunk of goat cheese and call it a meal. Or maybe add some green leafy veggies and make it into a salad. Possibly some sliced chicken breast for added protein.

    Anyway, it can be done. You can lose the weight. I would recommend that you try to eat only when you're actually hungry and try to figure out which foods you find satisfying and nourishing relative to the calories they contain. Also, I would recommend that you find some physical activities you enjoy and do those activities.

    I'd also recommend setting other goals besides weight loss. For example, the way a certain belt fits around your waist or the time it takes for you to walk around the block, or the number of pushups you can do. Chances are, your muscles are pretty strong right now. And you want to maintain that muscle strength as your body loses fat. Good luck!

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