Radar Trap and open bottle question

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by travel with kids, Jan 24, 2004.

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    Jun 20, 2003
    I just read this from the wdwinfo.com

    Radar Trap
    Located on Deck 4, forward, this is the place to order duty-free liquor or tobacco products. Be aware, however, that these are delivered to your room the last night of your cruise and can NOT be consumed on the ship. If you purchase liguor the last day of the cruise, you are allowed to drink it on the ship. However, you can not walk through customs with an open container. Drink Up!

    My Question: What if we want ot buy a bottle of rum and have it during the cruise in our cabin? Would it be easier to bring it with us? Could we buy it in Nassau and drink it on the cruise? And it is NO opened bottles go through Customs? So what would we do with the rest?

    while my husband and I are rum and gin drinkers we would not go through a bottle of any in 4 days!! Yet, it could get very expensive buying the drinks at the bar.

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    We had the same problem but we had just a three day cruise to finish off a bottle. LOL

    We brought with us a small bottle of gin and a small bottle of rum. You usually see those bottles behind the cash register area of liquor stores. Alot of them come in plastic bottles too. They are just right and if you need to dump the last bit down the drain you don't feel quilty about doing it. We replenished our stock with an order from Radar Trap. Got alot better gin for $11.00. I priced the same bottle here in Minn for $32.00. You each can bring one bottle back free, so stock up on the way out.

    Oh I did not open my bottle, did not find I needed it, so we just brought it back. Put it in the carry on and went thru customs. The porters are good about getting you thru customs. The more people they help the more money they make so they don't want to wait getting you thru customs.

    Have Fun
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    Just bring a small bottle of what you want - usually 375ml size. You could also buy several of the small single serving size bottles.

    You can pick them up at most liquor stores (at least in Wisconsin). Or you could wait and pickup something in Nassau.

    You are correct - you cannot take any open liquor bottles off the ship. No problem, however, bringing stuff on board. If you buy in Nassau, you will be able to take it to your room. Technically I think they are not supposed to let you do that but it seems most cruise lines, including DCL, do not enforce this rule.

    You can make purchases at Radar Trap but the prices are a little higher than off the ship and you cannot drink it on board. It does get delivered the last night of the cruise regardless of when you make your purchase.

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