Quick Trip Jan. 17 - 21:


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Aug 18, 1999
Me, turning 40 end of the month, combo get away and Birthday trip
DH, 42, wanted somewhere warm and let me decide where to go

Thursday, January 17
Before going to bed Wednesday night, I had decided not to go to work on Thursday. I needed to do laundry, pack and run errands (like the grocery store so my son wouldn’t starve while we were gone). When I woke up on Thursday I realized DH hadn’t gone to work either. I get up and start laundry and packing, go to the grocery store and come home and start to clean the house. THEN IT HITS ME—WE’RE BOTH HOME FROM WORK—WHY NOT LEAVE TODAY???? I rush downstairs to DH’s office and run this new plan by him. He says fine as long as we can stay at the same hotel as we’re were planning for Friday and Saturday night. So I run back upstairs, change my reservation to add TONIGHT, pull the mostly dry clothes from the dryer and finish packing. (Hey, I’m going to Disney World–I can wear wet jeans in the car). We’re on the road by 11:00 and heading South!!!!!!!!!! The trip was pretty uneventful. I did write down the names of the hotels at Exit 68 (the Ocala exit for the Disney Welcome Center). Someone on one of these boards wanted this information but with search down, I can’t find their thread. Anyway, the hotels at the Ocala exit are: Hilton, La Quinta, Best Western, Fairfield, Courtyard and Hampton Inn. There is also a Bob Evans restaurant (yummy!!!). We’ve been passing all these billboards touting the $77 million Florida Lotto. So once we’re on the turnpike, we stop at the first rest area for restroom break, food and to purchase Lotto tickets. (Could someone please let me know if all 4 winners have come forward..I haven’t checked my tickets because I like living in the Fantasy that I might be one of them...sigh).

We arrive at the Marriott Village at Little Lake Bryan around 6:30 pm. Check in was smooth. After check in I went to the Outlet mall while DH explored the hotel and the village.

The hotel: Fairfield Inn in at Marriott Village at Little Lake Bryan:
Our first room was on the Route 4 side of the hotel, in the section closest to Route 4. We could hear ALL of the traffic even with the windows closed and the ac on full. We asked to be switched and we were moved to a room still on the Route 4 side of the hotel but not as close to the road. We could barely hear the traffic. The great part about this side of the hotel tho, is that you can see most of the fireworks at Pleasure Island if you have an upper floor. Overall I was a bit disappointed in the “Marriott Village”. The food court was a joke----the sign said it closed at 9:00. Thursday night at 8:30 everything was shut down when I went in, they were just cleaning and hanging out until 9:00. But the village is within walking distance to Golden Corral, Bahama Breeze, Lone Star and Landry’s so the food court didn’t really matter. I had read earlier posts that indicated you could use any of the pools at the “village” but when DH went to use the Courtyard pool, they were checking resort id’s. (That was ok with him but we were lead to believe you could pool hop). It was very close to Downtown Disney, walking distance to the Florida Premium Outlets (one way–walking back you should have a lot of bags so need a car) and convenient to all the parks. The rooms had a refrigerator and hair dryer as standard amenities but no coffee pot. There was also a free continental breakfast in the morning. It’s off to bed around 10:00–do we set a wake up call???? No, this is supposed to be a relaxing weekend.
I don't blame you - I'd wear wet jeans too, if I could leave for the World a day early.

Hmmm.... heading over to part II to see what time you woke up....
The hotel: Fairfield Inn in at Marriott Village at Little Lake Bryan:

Ok, this will be our first time doing Disney/USF, and after 6 nights, at the Carribean, we have a 3 day USF package that includes 3 nights at "Universal Fairfield Marriott". Would this be the same hotel you are speaking of? I had the feeling in was closer to USF than Disney, but oh well. I have been unable to find anything about this hotel anywhere on the web, so and info would be great. :)
Universal Fairfield is different than the Marriott Village Fairfield. The Universal Fairfield will be closer to Universal than WDW. There are soooo many of the "same" hotel around WDW & USF that it gets confusing. If you go to Marriott's homepage you should be able to see their listing for the Universal one.


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