Question on the 50th Anniversary!


May 10, 2017
Hey Everyone!!!!

So we are looking at pricing out trip for the 50th, and I noticed that the last time Disney World had a large celebration (25th) it started in October of the year. So I am guessing this will all start in October of 2021, does that mean going anytime in 2022 will be a safe bet? We want to make sure all of the attractions will be open by then (tron, guardians, etc...) When would you guys recommend we go?

We went in January of 2019 and liked it quite a bit.

Let me know your thoughts! trying to decided if we want to do Disneyland in 2020!!!!!
I've been wondering the same thing about the Timeline and hoping for some reveal at the 2020 D23. ( or at least some clues ). Right now, I'm loosely planning early November 2021.
Disneyland’s 50th began in May 2005, 2 months before the actual anniversary.

The 60th Celebration also began in May and ran through September of the following year.

If WDW follows the same pattern, the Celebration may begin prior to October 2021.
Rumors are we will find out some idea of what is planned in 2019 D23.

Expecting it will start before the anniversary.


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