question on annual payment statements


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Sep 20, 2000
I called for and received an annual statement regarding my account. While reviewing it, I cannot figure out how they decide what amounts are applied to principal and interest. For example, one month the principal is $99 the next it is $92, the next it is $100, the next it is $97, with the difference obviously going to interest. It just does not make sense. When I put these figures onto an amoritization schedule, the principal payment increases monthly, while the interest payment decreases. On DVC's actual statement, there is no rhyme or reason what is being applied. Before calling accounting, I thought I would throw this out here first. I pay the same amount, directly debited from my checking every month, so that does not make a difference.

Any ideas?
Just a guess, but it might depend on how many days there are in the month. Does the statement say how the interest is compounded? If it's daily, then it will most certainly change from month to month.

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