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Sep 27, 2001
I know the idea is to do as much as possible for the Sept. pin event, but I'm in something of a dilemma. I still need to purchase my park hopper tickets and don't know if I should get a 3 day or a 4 day pass. I'm trying to keep this trip as cheap as possible, however for various reasons I've had to purchase plane tickets instead of using my buddy passes as planned. Thus an added (somewhat unexpected) expense. :( I know there is a scheduled meet-up Thursday night at EPCOT; however I won't get in to the airport until 6p (assuming the best circumstances) and am not likely to get to the park before 7:30. Given this, is it worth buying a full day park hopper pass for Thursday evening, or is there such a thing as a half-day pass that would make it that much cheaper and affordable? :confused: We're not leaving until Sunday evening, so I'd planned on hitting the parks for a half-day Sunday.

I would not buy a pass for Thursday if I was you and trying to save some cash. You will be sick of seeing our faces by the time you finish the event, why subject yourself to a $50 bill for more of the same.
You will probably only get to go on one or two attractions/rides and that is not worth the $50. Wait for the evening and meet us all at Pleasure Island. That will be tons of fun.
But of course there is always those 1 hour shopping passes. You go to a CM at the gate, pay the $50 and get the pass. If you are back in the hour you get your money back. Then go to another CM for the next hour. Did I say that??? I would never do anything so despicable. lol Peggie
I am not sure that there IS a 3 day pass anymore. And it really is not worth it to go to Epcot for such a short time and waste a day on a pass.

I am sure that you will find pin traders somewhere on Thursday night for FREE :)

Have fun

I agree. For the most part there will be traders all over the place. Like DTD and Boardwalk. So I would not waste a day of my pass for what will be less tha an hour or so... And with the breakfast being early friday morning I would expext lots of people to get to sleep early as well... If you call midnight early :)

Ha. Thanks guys, I appreciate the input. I don' t know if I'll do the Pleasure Island party or not (I'm not much of one for night life), but I'll definitely see everyone Friday morning. :)

Just curious ......

Why not drive down and save on the plane fare? If you can't, I would skip the first day since you will not be there for the entire day. I would save the $50.00 and start on the following day. We3 arrive on Saturday and will only spend 1 day (Sunday) at the event. We like pins, but we want to watch the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom.
Since your first day is Thursday, head over to the All Star Sports for pin trading. THe official openning is this Thursday the 22nd in the food court. I also don't think there is a 3 day hopper anymore. That ended when the 4th park openned. Of course, hoppers never expire, so you could always save the unused days for future trips.

Along the same line, will a regular Annual Pass get you into Pleasure Island for Thursday night? And what will you miss if you can't go (besides good times)?
I think everyone is right that you can't purchase a 3-day park hopper ticket anymore - only a 4-day. The last time I looked into it they did have single day tickets that you could purchase all at once that gave you a discount on the 2nd and 3rd day, but you couldn't park hop with those. One day - one park. And they may not even have those anymore.

A regular annual pass (just the parks) will get you a discount on admission to Pleasure Island. This summer I paid around $17.00 for PI with my AP .

If you are trying to save money, you could skip the AC meet, but I went last year and if I only got to one mini-meet this year I would go to the Adventurer's Club. It was that much fun.



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