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Spaceman Spiff

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Apr 6, 2000
I was looking at Universal's webpage and noticed that the Portofino, Hard Rock Hotel, and the upcoming 3rd resort, Royal Pacific(?) are all stated to be deluxe resorts. If this is true will Universal build a moderate or value resort like Disney? Or will Universal just make it easy to recieve great discounts like the 50% off with AP or Entertainment Card?


Just are all condoms are labeled "large" all hotels are called "deluxe".

My understanding is that Portofino will be the "high-priced spread." They are still shooting to be the first 5-star attraction in Orlando (they got 4-stars immediately).

Hard Rock is aimed more at the "family" market, which means it is priced slightly lower. The price sheets for both hotels bear this out so far.

I haven't seen any pricing info on Royal Pacific but expect it to be on a par with Hard Rock.

Word is that the next two hotels (if they are ever built) will cater more to the convention trade (they will be near I-4). They should be more moderately priced.


Kelly Monaghan
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Now , seriously , do they really make condominiums smaller than X-large?

just joshin' too
JPholic: The Entertainment discount is giving me $160/night at Portofino in September. With Entertainment, you could get Hard Rock for $117.50. I'm splurging on Portofino because $160/night doesn't sound too bad to me!


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