PVB and One time use points at 7 months hahahaha

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Feb 12, 2011
Yeah i know i was just lurking at dvc website and looked at the availability on the PVB studio at 7 months go off the board by 8:12 am this morning. here is my question if i am able to book as much as i can at 7 months and i need 15 points for the final night am i able to call MS at 9 and get the points i need for the final night as long as my check in date is with in the 7 months and i am not booking more than 7 nights? or because i need the OTU points will i have to wait until i am 7 months from that actual date?
I don't think you would have a problem if you call them and tell them you want to modify the reservation to be 7 nights but you need to by one time use points-since you booked the reservation at 7 months if you want to extend your date to the max 7 days allowed I don't see why it would be any different if you bought one time use points or used your own-just make sure you say modify current reservation to include 7th night
This way you are in 7 month booking window AND it will guarantee same room if all on same confirmation #.
I'm surprised there was avail until 8:12 today-for the first few weeks in Oct it was until 8:01 or 8:02 lol
Yes, others have previously reported you can do what you are proposing. The prohibition is that you cannot use one time use points by themselves to make a single reservation, but you can use them to add to an existing reservation.

That is really good to know. I was toying with the idea of switching at the 7 month mark to try PVB for Thanksgiving if it was available but I am 2 points shy and would need to use OTU points since I don't want to borrow 2 points. It might not work anyway since the final night I am wanting is Black Friday but I guess I will see what happens with availabilty that week.
I did it today I booked what I had points for and called MS and got the 11 OTU points I needed to complete the reservation at PVB hahaha so excited
I did it today I booked what I had points for and called MS and got the 11 OTU points I needed to complete the reservation at PVB hahaha so excited

Congratulations- it's been booked solid every day, you really lucked out :)!

I was online first thing the morning my 7-month window opened. A studio was available, then when I clicked through it was no longer available. :( So I waitlisted it along with the following night and that came through about a week later. So EXCITED!!! It's only for 2 nights, we are staying at AKL with friends the following 6 nights in a 2BR Savannah view, which will also be nice, but really wanted to stay at PV if we could.


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