Puffy's late trip "highlights" : ECV use, Fantasmic, Cheerleaders, Character Bk, Illuninat

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by Puffy2, Feb 20, 2001.

  1. Puffy2

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    Feb 28, 2000
    Not going to do a full report but here are some comments, tips from my Feb. 8 -11 trip.
    It was FABULOUS!!!! Had a great time!!!
    Stayed Poly Concierge, garden view and it was fine.Housekeeping left some to be desired, so we stopped tipping after the first day. Didn't complain, we were having too much fun to stop and take the time. Food was ok there and very nice to have. Room was ok. Bed was GREAT - very comfortable. They need new hairdryers! They hardly 'blew' at all. Hotel was quiet (nice) and had atmosphere. Love concierge. The separate check in is very nice too.
    The ECV was a great thing to have. My friend has lupus so I rented it for her so she wouldn't wear herself out in the parks. It was great fun too!!! We had a blast with it. ECV is easy to get on and off monorail. It helps to have someone rideing with you to get off and flag down the monorail helper guy to get the ramp. Ramp to MK is fine with an ECV - some have said with a WC it is tricky but we had no problems.
    Fantasmic: had the dinner package and it was great . Ate at HollyWood and Vine (ok dinner), walked right in to the show about 35 min prior. THere are NO BAD SEATS - I really think everyone sees the same, regardless where you are sitting. They only let you buy 1 beer. For those that would want to know....
    Cheerleaders were there but they WERE NOT A CROWD PROBLEM. Anyone going next year, except for MGM if they are competing there, the other parks were fine. Hardly noticed them. No big deal.
    We loved the character Breakfasts and again, my tip is schedule the FIRST seating of the day to get the best character interaction. Really a highlignt of our trip.
    Illuninations is best viewed FROM THE LAND!!!Saw it on a pontoon boat and on land, land wins out hands down. BIG DIFFERENCE!!!!!! and for some reason, everyone crowded around Mexico, Norway , Germany to watch this thing - rows deep , when there was rail space where we were - Japan, Italy area.
    Eating wastes a lot of time - be more flexable.
    The California GRill at the contemporary is LOUD. I really can't see how this is considered a romantic dinner. And their "lounge", what lounge? a few big chairs off to one side next to some big windows, am I missing something?
    The mouse boats are GREAT FUN!!!!! Try this next time. WE had a blast and they are easy to operate. Just remember, turn into the waves head on and slow down so you won't risk getting tumped.
    Questions? Oh, and Tiffany Town Car, great again, certainly the way to go.
    Plus, when you have to check out of your hotel but want to tour the parks some more before you leave remember to call the bell hop before you are ready - it takes them awhile to come and get the luggage and you have to wait for them.
  2. Disney-Kim

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    Aug 17, 1999
    we are considering staying in the Poly Conceirge gard view too.
    I have read a couple comments about the housekeeping not being that great. also you said the room was just "ok".
    can I ask why just ok?
    thanks for your input...

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  3. Puffy2

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    Feb 28, 2000
    Disney Kim, the room was big for Disney - I think in the 420 sq. ft. range. the beds are queens and very comfortable- plenty of pillows, triple sheeting, etc... The bathroom was fine but smaller than at the Cont. hotel - marble floors and counters. Bring your own hairdryer. They have one but it didn't work well. Our room was supposed to have an honor bar as well as a frig. but it only had the frig. - we didn't care. didn't need an honor bar with the lounge down the hall. Most rooms at Disney are pretty standard - if you look at the layouts on their site you will see that they are all layed out pretty much the same. It just wasn't a "wow" kind of room , but it was perfectly serviceable.
    I had an AP rate also, $254.00 night incl . tax. so I felt like for disney standards this was pretty good. The food was ok - breakfast was enough to hold us until lunch. afternoon snacks nice - fruit and cookies, drinks, evening food looked good but we ate out (you could save a fortune if you eat in the lounge at 5pm and then go out to the parks).late night desserts good too. We just like having little snacks available all day - this is a plus for me.
    Housekeeping - don't know if it was just our housekeeper or a problem with all the poly - she left a towel on the floor in the bathroom - she left plates, drink cups in the room. Now, maybe she didn't know if she was supposed to take them - ? - so the next day I put all the dishes on one table and she finally took them away. We didn't complain, My suggestion would be complain to the concierge the first day if your housekeeping isn't up to par. We were having a good time and it really didn't matter to us.
    The poly is very quiet - I liked that - the cont. was noisy.
    The CMs - some were very nice and pleasent. Others just did their job - there are a TON of Conceirge employees it seemed.
    Any other questions?
  4. Marla Hellwig

    Marla Hellwig I'm not lost, it's called creative exploring

    Mar 25, 2000
    Sounds like you had a great Disney time. Thanks for posting!

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