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Apr 5, 2020
Hey y’all. I’m a sophomore finishing their year at college. I’m a psychology major and really love it. I’m also a huge Disney nerd. My main goal in psych is to work with children and what better place to do it than Disney. I’m planning to sign up for the college program, for their junior or senior year, but I’m not in a management, hotel, or business majors so would they still accept me? Do they accept psych majors?

(Psychology is used a lot in park planning, such as calculating that people throw trash on the ground if they don’t see a trash can within 30 feet, so Disney places trash cans 30 ft away from anyone’s location.

What other things besides park planning do psych majors do? Any psych majors here that are/were in or knows someone in the DCP that could give me a little more info?
Thank you! Cheers!


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May 16, 2006
I don't have an answer, but my DS is a psych major also (a freshman) so I'm curious as well.


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Mar 16, 2008
I do not have an answer either, but with all that is going on they should be interested in
having more people trained in observing human behavior.

Outside of that I hope that you will consider becoming a school psychologist since they make such a difference for children at risk


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Aug 12, 2010
I was a psych major for my first two years, then switched to Interdisciplinary Studies which basically meant I designed my own major. I focused on Psych, Communication, and Business. I did my college program towards the end of my college career -- it doesn't really seem to matter what your major is. I worked in attractions for my CP. I then did a PI in Guest Relations, and ended up staying in that role over five years. Although not traditional, strict psychology, I did use a lot of what I learned in school about the way people think in order to help them. I'm now in sales training, which again taps into my psych background because I have to have a basic understanding of the way people learn and the way people think when buying. There's a lot you can do with a psych degree -- you can make psych fit into a lot of different roles.


Jul 11, 2006
They will take anyone in any major. The bigger deal is how will your school view it. If you are trying to get school credit for doing the DCP- that's where it gets dicey. Disney won't put you in a particular role just to get you credit.

I do agree there is a lot that Disney does that relates to psychology- perception has a lot to do with how they manage things. You could probably propose a paper on just about any role you get. If you just want to do the program and not get credit and you are okay with taking off time from school and the school will let you- then you are fine.


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