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Sep 26, 1999
Is there any place on the DIS that shows the costs for the convention by hotel accomodoations? I haven't been able to locate such info, but am probably just looking in the wrong place.


Read this thread for some good info

But the best place to go is to the Home Page and click on the Gathering of friends link. It will give you a calculator for your exact wishes. You can play around with the numbers and it doesn't make the reservations till you are ready. Today, tomorow, or so on. But remember, don't wait too late since they need your $200.00 deposit no later than Feb 12.

Hi Ho Hi Ho It's Off To WDW We Go !!!!!! :D

jk1, I know you got your answer, but for all others that may have missed the answer to this on another thread, here it is...
Refund/Cancellation Date


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