pressed penny holder

they do offer a holder & I think it was $6.00 but unlike Disney's press holder, it comes with a Universal Fl starter pressed pennie. They are available in the shops in both theme parks. We got ours in the shop as you exit The Cat & The Hat in IOA
My daughter's is about 6 inches tall & 3 inches wide (folded closed). Opens up from a 3 way fold. It is blue & hers (being that it came from IOA) has the yellow star with Islands of Adventure written on it in red with blue shadowing accross the "universe" (second edition). It has a slot where the free Universal pressed penny goes. It holds 42 pennies + the free one (total 43). Hope this helps...:smooth:
Thanx! I love the discription. So there is one from Universal Studios also? Oh yeah- they don't have any quarter slots???
when we got ours at the Cat in The Hat, we were told that they were available at both parks. I didn't see any in US...but I didn't look either. As far as the quarter slots, the six slots on the back of the holder are bigger for the quarters.
We have both the Universal and IOA books. They are identical except for the logos on the front. There are penny presses for most of the attractions at both parks, usually located somewhere in the gift shop where each ride exits, each machine does 2 or 3 differrent styles.
The only quarter presses we saw were in the gift shop after Spiderman.
There is also a penny press on Citywalk.

Suggestion- in order to avoid waiting on every other cashier's line for change, come to the park prepared with a couple rolls of quarters and a supply of shiny pennies! This saved us a lot of time and aggravation.


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