Pre Trip Report: The Psychologist and the Agoraphobic go to Disneyworld!

Discussion in 'UK Trip Reports Board' started by suzycute, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. suzycute

    suzycute DIS Veteran

    Apr 30, 2005
    Welcome to our first mom and daughter trip report! :wave:

    Trip includes many firsts:
    -first time with mom and daughter on our own. :hug:
    -first time attending MNSSHP :hyper:
    -first DIS meet :disrocks:
    -first Illuminations cruise :boat:
    -first stay at BLT. :woohoo:

    Let's introduce ourselves.

    :cutie: Sue (suzycute) - just the right side of 50 :scared1: This will be my 7th trip to the World and the second time staying with DVC points. I'm a psychologist by day and DIS boards lurker and poster by night.

    princess: Kate (wishspirit) - 20 years old, and a university student, so trying to keep my part of the trip on a budget! :headache: I am a recovering agoraphobic, but getting much, much better of late. The plane is still something that makes my knees knock, but with my psychologist mother sitting next to me it shouldn't be too bad! :hug: This will be my 5th trip to Disneyworld, and haven't been for 4 years! :eek: So I am incredibly excited about Mommy and me going together. I am quite a poster compared to my mom (2977 currently!), however mostly lurk over on the Dis Unplugged podcast board.

    Thursday 17th September
    Travel to Gatwick airport after work and check in at the Sofitel Hotel (hopefully with runway view). This will be our first stay at this hotel as we thought that it will be less stressful for Kate than travelling to the airport the following morning by train in rush hour.

    Friday 18th September
    Flight with BA at 11.20am so a nice leisurely morning stroll from hotel to check in at a civilised time of the day. Kate usually feels much better when she is actually on the plane but will probably feel very anxious before hand. :faint: She prefers to deal with her panic attacks on her own so I have strict instructions to ignore her in the terminal building. We land at Orlando International Airport and catch ME to Pop Century resort for our first 2 nights (I didn't have enough DVC points to stay at BLT over the weekend!). We'll probably potter round the resort, buy Kate's AP as she hopes to return with her DBF in June 2010. (I have mine from last year) and retire to bed.

    Saturday 19th September
    Up incredibly early I expect. It's early morning entry at DHS today and we want to be there for rope drop to get to TSM – this will be Kate's first time doing this ride and she's heard so much about it since DH and I rode this many times last year. We'll spend the rest of the morning at DHS but will probably leave at lunch for a rest back at POP. I'd love to go to Illuminations in the evening but we'll see how we feel.

    Sunday 20th September
    Transfer to BLT!! :yay: Up early to leave our luggage with bell services to transfer them for us. We think we'll go to MK this morning. We have a lunch reservation at Chef Mickey's at 12.50. :mickeyjum We'll then go and check in for 6 nights in a studio with lake view at BLT!

    Monday 21st September
    Not sure how we'll spend our day but we're so excited to have been asked by fellow Disers Becx and Gav to join their Illuminations cruise at 8pm. :boat:

    Tuesday 22nd September
    UK DIS meet at the Tambu Lounge at the Poly at 1pm. :chat: Really looking forward to meeting some other UK Disers and drinking my first Lapu Lapu. :drinking1 (Kate is not 21 till December so it'll be plain juice for her!)
    From 4pm onwards we're attending our first MNSSHP. We're still debating whether to dress up or not – watch this space! We're looking forward to watching the parade and fireworks and going “trick or treating”.

    Wednesday 23rd September
    No specific plans except lunch at the Crystal Palace.

    Thursday 24th September
    No specific plans except lunch at Prime Time.

    Friday 25th September
    No specific plans except Cape May Cafe for dinner and carry out our usual family tradition of watching Illuminations for our last night – we LOVE this show!

    Saturday 26th September
    All too quickly, it will be time to leave. :sad1: We'll spend the morning at a park and catch ME back to the airport for our 17.30 flight back to the UK. Hopefully DH will come to meet us and drive us home. Toy Story Mania for the Wii comes out on the 25th and no doubt he will have spent most of Saturday getting really good at this so they'll be no chance for us to beat him.

    As time is so short on this trip, we'll be staying on site and not venturing out to US or Sea World this time but we want to fit in a Fantasia golf trip and possibly a trip to a water park.
  2. wishspirit

    wishspirit When you wish upon a star!

    Jun 8, 2005
    Wow! This sounds like an amazing pre-trip report! :thumbsup2:lmao:

    I can't wait to go!! 1 month and 8 days left!!
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  4. wickesy

    wickesy <font color=royalblue>Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love y

    Apr 2, 2006
    Sounds like a great trip Sue. We were lucky enough to be invited to join CustardTart (Karen) and her family on their Illuminations cruise earlier this year and we loved it so hopefully you will enjoy yours just as much.

    Looking forward to hearing what you think of BLT as well as I am hoping to stay there for my 40th birthday in 2011.
  5. Goofysmate

    Goofysmate <font color=red>Isn't fussed where she is, as long

    Jan 6, 2007
    A lot of 1st time happenings :) Sound like a great trip coming your way :thumbsup2
  6. Pegasus928

    Pegasus928 DIS Veteran

    Jun 23, 2007
    Great pre-trip Sue.
    Sounds like you have a lot to look forward to :thumbsup2
  7. irongirlof12

    irongirlof12 <font color=blue><marquee>Am I the only one who lo

    Nov 3, 2006
    MNSSHP- I vote for costumes :cutie:

    your plans sound great :thumbsup2
  8. Pinky166

    Pinky166 <font color=deeppink>a little on the OCD side<br><

    Feb 6, 2008
    Sounds like you've got a fun mother & daughter trip planned there!

    Will you be carrying any lime green mickey heads??? If so I will look out for you or if you see me then please say hi!
  9. T16GEM

    T16GEM <font color=blue>I must have a funnel cake when I'

    Mar 16, 2003
    Sounds great! Have a fab trip!
  10. natalielongstaff

    natalielongstaff <font color=deeppink>I need a cup of tea and a big

    Apr 7, 2004
    I hope you enjoy the Lapu Lapu :thumbsup2
  11. Tonya2426

    Tonya2426 <marquee><img src=

    May 20, 2007
    I'm in!! And I vote for costumes or at least cute Halloween tshirts. :cutie:
  12. Becx N Gav

    Becx N Gav DIS Veteran

    Nov 21, 2007
    I was just being nosey over here and the title of you report grabbed my attention :thumbsup2 Then I thought, hmmmm that sounds familiar and realised who it was :rotfl:

    We really can't wait for the Illuminations cruise :cool1: it will be our friends first time to WDW so we really hope they have a great time and that we've planned things well! It will be great to meet some new Disers too :banana:

    I think you guys should have costumes, or at least get some cool hats or Mickey ears :thumbsup2
  13. Gav N Becx

    Gav N Becx Mouseketeer

    May 20, 2009
    Woohoo for the illuminations cruise!
    Can't wait to get back on US soil. The UK just doesn't do it for me!!! :lmao:

    Look forward to meeting you both.


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