Pre-Trip Report(12) - BLT vs. Polynesian DVC

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    Dec 29, 2010
    Pre-Trip Report - 12 days to go before our split stay at BLT and BWV in a two bedroom suite.

    In checking the weaknesses of BLT in my Unofficial WDW Guide for 2012, I only found one weakness:

    Sterility of theme and decor in public areas - DW wife and I would argue that we love the contemporary theme.

    There's an interesting guest quote comparing the studio at BLT to a room at the Poly and says For the money, the Polynesian is far better.

    We really enjoyed our 2 bedroom suite with three bathrooms at BLT. :yay:

    Living room and kitchen:
    By dvc_dreamer at 2011-08-18

    King size bed. Yes !!!
    By dvc_dreamer at 2011-08-18

    When fans rumored DVC at Grand Floridian and DVC acknowledged, I must say we had a luke warm reaction.

    1. We already own 250 points at BLT. :yay: Why would we want to own across the pond ?

    2. We've stayed twice at the Polynesian and love it. A new DVC at Polynesian would turn our heads and begin to haunt us. :) (addonitis)

    We so love the island theme of the Polynesian.

    DD and I had dinner at Capt. Cook's last August and enjoy reminiscing around the Poly property. Every time I look at this picture, I think it's a post card but I assure you that I took it.

    By dvc_dreamer at 2011-08-21

    Maybe Disney knew that building at Poly at this time would distract from selling out BLT ? Possibly, Grand Floridian is a different consumer? Grand Floridian is a very cool resort and I'd love to stay there. We'll go over and hang around this trip for sure. Curious to see the point cost and whether it will be "worth it".

    Still, I'd love to see a Polynesian DVC. It's only fair now that it's the only one missing in the MK area. Right ? :hippie:
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    Love your Poly Pool picture! Disney is smart and knows there is a market for the Poly. But they currently have a little resort called Aulani that needs to start selling first! LOL. I believe once Grand Floridian is officially announced and selling you may start to see some evidence of a Poly DVC. It will then be the only luxury on the monorail without DVC. :wizard:

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