Points increase for cashout at Mypoints 6/1

LI Debbie

DIS Veteran
Aug 19, 1999
From the www.mypoints website

Starting 6/1, the points for Alaska Airlines, Curcuit City, Home Depot, prepaid gas cards, Target, and Webcertificates will increase

$10 GC goes from 1250 to 1350
$25 GC goes from 2750 to 3000
$50 GC goes from 5250 to 5750

So if you're sitting on some points, spend them by the end of the month to avoid the increase.
I like it when they at least give you some notice about increases and they don't just come as a surprise one day!

Thanks for the info Debbie. I had not checked the site lately, so now I know to take advantage of this while I can. Actually, I hope I'll have enough points by then.

Well, even though they are raising their cashout values, I am glad it isn't some "way out there" number....it is only 100 points, which isn't too bad....:)


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