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Sep 8, 1999
I just can't decide where to stay in August. We are currently booked at POP. It will be me, DH, DD (8), and DS (2). We are booked MYW with dining.
I am excited about POP , but POR looks so pretty.
I'm thinking the pros of POP are less money, one bus stop, new, and looks fun. I love pop culture and trivia so I think I would really enjoy the whole theming. And I think the kids would enjoy Goofy's pop jets.
I think the cons would be a longer bus ride to MK and Epcot and smaller rooms. The smaller rooms concern me. Since having DS, we have stayed at AKL, WL, and CSR. We usually put his pack 'n' play over by the sinks kind of separate from our beds so we can watch a little TV and not disturb him. I didn't realize until yesterday that there really won't be a separate area to put him. And DD will miss a pool slide.
POR looks really beautiful and I really like the theming, but I don't like having more than one bus stop and either being picked up last and it being standing room only with a stroller and small kids or being first and having to drive around to several bus stops (I know a rather small, petty concern). I'm thinking that even though the drive may be further from POP, by the time you drive around to several bus stops at POR, it will take just as long to get to MK from POR as it does to get there from POP. DS can be a major pain on the busses- we will have our own car though.
As you can see, I can see good and bad about both. The money matters only a little. I'd rather spend an extra $390 and be happy than lament not upgrading to POR. :confused3


DIS Veteran
May 16, 2004
I don't know--your 'pro-POR' list looks better than your 'pro-Pop' list. I think not having a place to put your little one might not be worth it after a couple of days! If the money's not an issue, I'd really go with POR.


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Dec 18, 2004
I voted to try POR. If they extra money isn't that big a deal, I say try a moderate, see how you like it (POR is beautiful) :)


Earning My Ears
Feb 5, 2005
I would definately go with POR because the theming is so beautiful and I think the kids would enjoy the pool as it is a lot better than POP's from what i've seen. You would definately have enough room to put your DS over somewhere else.


DIS Veteran
Mar 1, 2000
Absolutely POR if money is not an issue. The peaceful atmosphere of POR after a hectic day in the parks is refreshing. For that alone I would choose POR. You also have the option of using the amenities at POFQ. The boat to DTD is delightful - even if you don't get off at DTD. The marina, the horse drawn carriage ride, the catch & release fishing, the childrens playgrounds, table service restaurant ...... Those are the reasons I voted for POR.


Oct 17, 2002
Stayed at POR and loved it. Beautiful theming, gorgeous landscaping. Nice boat ride over to Downtown Disney. We didn't use the bus, however, so can't speak to that. We rented a car.

POP is so far away that I'd probably stay offsite at Holiday Inn Family Suites (may be Nickelodeon Suites now) rather than at POP. HIFS is only a block or so away from POP. We loved it, too. Kids get their own room. Mom and Dad have a king size bed in their own room. Again, I can't speak to the buses. At HIFS, you'd need a car.


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Feb 26, 2005
Yeah what Nolcrest said....
and the Breakfasts at Boatwrights are wonderful. Also not to be missed is Bob Jackson the piano man in the River Roost lounge, we aren't "bar people" and we all loved his show, especially the kids. He's great! At POR you also have several quiet pools and the choice of using PORs Ole Man Island or the pool at POFQ too. You can rent boats, bikes and surrey bikes and there's also a horse drawn carriage you can reserve a ride on. I've never stayed at POP so I can't compare the two but my family adores POR.


DIS Veteran
Mar 26, 2004
I was going to vote POR but if the bus stops worry you have you considered POFQ? You get to use both POFQ and POR amenities and I understand the POFQ is the first bus stop. Rooms are same size and very nice at both resorts.


Loving life in Florida
Jan 28, 2003
POR hands down. It's as close as you can get to a deluxe without staying at one. The grounds are beautiful, there's an awesome food court, great sit down restaurant, really cool theme pool, very nice quiet pools, cool playground and the boat to DTD is the best!


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Aug 10, 2002
I voted for POR. I like the amenities the mods offer over the value inlcuding the fridge for no charge.

Cookie Princess

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Oct 10, 2004
We have been to both and would not return to POP. We prefer ASMo for a value resort. We loved POR...favorite moderate!

Cindy B

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Oct 8, 2000
I picked Pop.

We've been there and liked it. POR doesn't do anything for me. I showed it to my kids when we were "resort shopping", and they both said 'boring'.


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Jun 30, 2003
Sounds like you might be better off at POFQ if the busses concern you. There is just one bus stop. You will probably be picked up first before POR, so you should get seats instead of standing. I would vote POFQ for you.


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Jan 25, 2001
I didn't vote, because I have different reasons for loving both resorts. I will say though, that my grands prefer POP to POR. The pool slide didn't hold much interest for them (they were 8/10 last time they stayed at POR), and they begged us to take them over visiting to the All Stars (they just stayed this year at POP (movies/sports 2 years ago), and LOVED it! We were going to rent rooms for the Christmas gift at POR, but all wanted to try POP). As much as I love POR, I could be off site, for all the Disney I see there (not counting the store LOL and a few Disney icons at the main pool). Yes you are more crowded in a value, but I don't see that much dif between the size of a value and mod. You do have the curtained area and a fridge at POR, not available at a value.


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May 8, 2005
I have had the same dilema. I have considered reserving value resorts for both of my trips. I like the idea of saving some $. However, the thought of staying in a rectangle building with larger than life icons, is too "sensory overloading" for me. Both of my trips have also been 7 night stays with 2 adults and 2 children. I think I could stay in a value for 3 or 4 nights. 7 nights is pushing it for me.

I loved my stay at POR. I recently looked back at my pictures so I could remember how much I liked it . My kids were 8 and 10 at the time (before POP was open). I had my 10 year old look at the pictures of the All Star resorts to see if they really appealed to him. He said no, so I went with my first choice, which was POR. My family loved it, including my husband. The boat ride to DTD is really fun for the kids. If you are leaning towards POR, I day DO IT! You will not regret spending the extra $.

:cheer2: Looking forward to 8/29/05


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Mar 23, 2004
We were choosing between those two resorts for our Oct stay and ended up booking POP for 6 nights and POR for 3. We will get to enjoy both resorts, but save some $$ too. Good luck with whatever you choose.


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