Please answer my additional questions following presentation.

Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by sammy823, Apr 15, 2004.

  1. sammy823

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    Apr 13, 2004
    My wife and I took a tour/presentation today at Disney World. We are very interested in purchasing at SSR but have some questions that I was hoping you guys/gals could answer. We wanted to know what are the penalties with cancelling a reservation. Also, how are the rooms with better views of the property distributed? The current price is $95 but we save $5 per point if we buy in the next 5 days. I was looking at how much DVC resales are going for ($68-72 per point) and feel that when you figure that they are on contracts which expire in 2042 (which have used roughly 25% of their contract term compared to one which expires in 2054) they are the exact same price as buying directly from Disney. Tell me if my math is correct (take away 25%of $90 and you get $68). Any responses you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Rick.
  2. las3888

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    May 30, 2001
    Let's see if I can answer at least some of your questions...if you make a resv. and cancel anytime before 30 (or is it 31?) days, you just put your points back into your account. However, that's when the use year comes into play...if you have a June use year and you have a May trip booked and you cancel in only have until June to use those points. If you cancel within a 30 day window, your can still keep your points to a degree, but they go into a special account where you can't book your DVC trip within a certain period of time....I can't remember how long it is. It is something like you can't book your trip on more than 2 months notice, so you are stuck with slim pickings possibly as far as availability or getting what you want where you want it. Does that make sense?

    I do not know how SSR distributes it's better view rooms...I know where we own (BWV) there are not that many standard view rooms and because it costs fewer points to rent those rooms, and since there are few of them, I know if we want one, we need to book well in advance.

    I am not real hung up on how long the contract term is for - we just wanted to buy where we wanted to stay - that was the best advice I received on the boards when we were looking at buying (and btw, we bought resale). The 11 month window of booking at your home resort does make a difference if you are real particular about where you want to stay, the size of unit you want, and the view available.

    I hope this helps a little...I'm sure others can elaborate more. Good luck!
  3. Merilyn

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    Jul 30, 2000
    It is 31 days in advance to change or cancel. There is no problem cancelling in that time frame unless it is at the end of your use year and you used that years points. There are other options when you cancel within the 31 days. MS can better tell you these. I am not sure about the math, but I would say if you are young then the extra years will mean a lot to you. I have always bought and added on the Disney. There is no closing cost and it is much easier than waiting to hear about a resale. If you only have 5 days that is important. I don't know anything about room locations for SSR. I own at OKW and VB. Keep in mind the number of points you will need now and in the future. If you have small children now, they will grow up and need more room. I had grown children and still have added on 4 times. Good luck with you choice and maybe soon we can WELCOME YOU HOME!
  4. tjkraz

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    Feb 4, 2002
    Regarding the views, the first four buildings (a little less than 200 rooms, or 1/3 of the total resort) sit riverside by Downtown Disney. Not all of those rooms will have a DD view, but the vast majority of them will. As I understand it, most of the rooms look out over DD, but there are a few on the ends of each building which may not necessarily be pointed at DD.

    Phase 2 of the resort development will be build around a small private pond elsewhere on the property. Those rooms will be more secluded.

    All signs indicate that, when both of these "neighborhoods" are open, DVC will allow members to specify the area at the time of booking. They currently have an identical process at the Boardwalk, which allows members to specify a Preferred Boardwalk View or Preferred Garden/Pool View.
  5. Disney  Doll

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    Nov 5, 2000
    If you cancel more than 31 days out, your points go back into your regular account, and then can be banked(if you are still within a banking window) or must be used by the end of your use year.

    If you cancel 31 days or sooner, your points go into a holding account, where they can be used but you must make the arrangements for their use not more than 60 days in advance of when you want to travel. For example, a couple of years ago, I had a trip booked for May 2-7 which I had to cancel in late April because my dad suddenly needed eye surgery, and I wanted to be around home to help. Since it was within 31 days of when I was scheduled to travel, the points went into a holding account. I then scheduled a trip for July 16-22, which I was able to call and book on May 22, using those holding account points. My Use Year in this case was October, so I was well within it when booking for July.

    As far as SSR views, I think it seems like there is going to be a DD/river view available immediately upon opening, and a more wooded view once they finish the rest of the resort. Both would have their good and bad points, depending on what you like on a vacation. Those who like more peace and quiet would probably prefer the wooded view. Those who like a little more activity would probably prefer the DD/river view. I perosnally don't get too upset regarding views because IMHO there is not a "terrible" view at WDW. Even those that are less desirable(ie the dumpster at BCV) giove you a plus(a great view of Epcot and IllumiNaitons). Unless you are a person who spends a huge amount of time in the room, you'll only be looking at the view for a little while each day. DH and I stayed at the WL once on a spur of the moment weekend, and we had a view of the smokehouse. Not the most beautiful view in the world, but I will admit it was very interesting to watch what they did there. And the view beyond it was quite lovely and wooded. If view is that important to you, I would suggest you consider OKW, since that is the one resort where there really isn't a "bad" view. You generally have a wooded view, a golf course view, or a water view. I don't know of any view on OKW property that is "bad" a dumpster or soemthing to that effect. Does anyone else??? Every view I've ever had there has been nice.

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