Planning our memories 10 year vow renew, can you help me?

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    Hi all,

    Well I am planning our memories 10 year vow renewal for April of next year. We or I should say I because the wife does not know yet booked the site at the Polynesian. I originally thought I could surprise her but then the more I think Through dresses, clothes for our two sons, limo, etc it's too much to pull off.

    I have a ton of questions and maybe someone who has done this can help.

    1) for a ten year vow renewal do you exchange some sort of ring again?
    2) our sons are 3 and 6 and they would be so thrilled seeing this especially because they think mommy is a princess at Disney already. They love watching our wedding video. What role should we have them play? Ring bearers or have them walk her down?

    3) what add ons has everyone used in the past?

    4). We will most likely pick the lio because the decorating of the room is a great idea but with two boys there I think the limo ride wold be better and more fun for them?

    5) since our time will be 9 am at poly where can we go for a nice lunch or late breakfast and how do we add a small wedding cake?

    Thank you so much for your input!

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